Chopped Liver – Back My Stitch Up

Since I last spoke to you I have had an horrendous sleepless night. Not thru anything related to me and my continued progress but due entirely to the calamitous noise and lack of control of bodily functions of the confused and sickly old man next to me.

Those noises continue as I write this and I am hoping for a move.

On a more positive note I have just had half of my 33 stiches removed – that will be 16 and a half by my ready reckoner.

The plan is now to concentrate on getting my artificial weight (excess fluid) down by between 1 – 2 kilos a day and then getting my natural body weight back to normal with proteins and all that gubbins.

If all goes well I will be going home on Friday.

Maybe just for the weekend. Maybe that’s it. We’ll see.

Then a period of 2 – 3 months slow recovery – anyway getting ahead of myself somewhat.

By the way thanks to bridge peeps and BNI peeps for cards and wishes – and a big up to the British Liver Trust.

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5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Back My Stitch Up”

  1. Andrew Risner Says:

    Great to read that you are making slow but sure progress and that you may be home for the weekend.
    Don’t know if you need anything done,however, please feel free to ask.


  2. Fiona Says:

    Are you on a specialist hepatobilliary ward – or a general nursing ward? After a resection at a non- transplant centre I was on an elective surgery hepatobilliary/colorectal ward so the patients were on treatment for similar-ish things and the nursing staff had specialist training. I would have assumed something better at a transplant centre.
    The only thing for me that blotted out the 24/7 noise was to plug myself into the bedside TV/radio console, all night if necessary! At least I had the gently background noise of American sitcoms rather than the hideous human bodily function noises.
    I would ++ quite a few months onto your recovery estimate! Even when the outside wounds have healed your inside ones have taken a helluva battering.

  3. davidkallin Says:

    Hi Fiona – this is a specialist hep ward. But such is the nature of certain liver diseases and their confusion side effects there are bound to be those admitted who are removed from reality

  4. Hi David

    Just a note to say congratulations on your transplant! I know we sent you a card, but we are all rooting for you at the British Liver Trust!

    Best wishes


  5. Debbie Essex Says:

    Hi David
    Glad to see you are making progress – shame about your other ‘inmates’ – sound a lot like my father in law!!! Your positivity is great – keep it up.

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