Chopped Liver – Give Me Just A Little More Pain

There was I going thru a nice steady progress making day when all of a sudden at about 6:30 ish – B and Weedy had not long left – and a doc came round to say they want to pump more blood out of me – oh and they also want to fit a cannula on the other hand just for the hell of it. Greeeaattttt!!!

Didn’t see it coming – smart move – left field – curve ball had no chance.

What follows was an absolute hoot. The blood flowed far too much on one one hand and then the cannula burst and blood poured out the other – probably didn’t want to feel left out.

And just as I had got over the hilarity of all that a nurse came round to take out my remaining stitches.

It was open season. Anyone else fancy a pop while we are at it?

Schedule for release still Friday. New patient admitted to the ward this evening – he was transplanted yesterday and is out of ice already.

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6 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Give Me Just A Little More Pain”

  1. Donna Obstfeld Says:

    If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!!!

    Keep going and in the words of Hippocrates

    “Healing in a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” You have had the opportunity, now take the time…..

  2. Mike Says:

    Confucius said: “Elvis Costello is better than Neil Young”

  3. Gawd Almighty! Hang in there David!!

  4. Laurel Says:

    Great news that you should be out this week x

  5. Graham Pyle Says:

    Hi David
    Good to chat with you yesterday, albeit briefly. Must have caught you between blood spurts/lettings! Seems you’re being disturbed by all the old people around you – can’t they get some younger ones in who don’t make so much noise? I hope you’re well enough to be ‘let out’ on Friday. Keep on chooglin’.

  6. Alan Jones Says:

    Hope you get out on schedule,”that’s very nearly an armful” is a phrase that comes to mind , keep smiling andvmaking good progress.

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