Chopped Liver – If You Tolerate This…

Firstly I would like to say I have felt good today – best day yet by a long chalk (depending on how long a long chalk is). They still have not been able to identify the cause of my infection but the IV antibiotics seem to have zapped it. Whether they’ll want or indeed be able to carry out further tests I dunno – they certainly would rather know what it was that’s for sure.

Now today’s topic – tolerance.

Not been my strongest point BLT (Before Liver Transplant). Kinda was hoping my new liver would be tad heavier on the tolerance side. I think I can safely say – it isn’t.

So I already feel guilt for what I am about to write but I am committed down this road. The room I’m in has 4 beds. And one toilet/shower (already I have noticed some of you left – you know what’s coming).

3 of us are post liver transplant patients and one is the initially-deranged and loud but after 2 weeks has become just a confused old man missing a couple of tools from the old toolbox.

Hang on a mo – 2 weeks of my life I shared with him? Hey maybe I am more tolerant than I thought. By the way when I used the word “loud” I didn’t mean talking or shouting – no the noises are from em… Well anyway all night and every night he keeps the other 3 of us awake with constant (every 10 mins or so) getting pacing about going to the toilet messing up the toilet – trying to clean it himself so spreading germs everywhere.

I know I know it’s not his fault – I’m just saying that not only do the other three get no sleep but none of us will go near the toilet in our room.

Except for time of day – as soon as the morning toilet clean is completed the other three run like hell, barging each other out of the way just to get an opportunity to have a wash and a whatever.

As soon as victor has completed they pass the baton onto the next guy and then the final guy and that completes our only opportunity of the day to use our own toilet!

I feel so guilty writing this.

Anyway since last thursday he’s been told he can go home and be looked after by carers or whatever but something will happen or not and the moment will have passed and another day and night of this beckons.

Today was the closest we came to him going. He was dressed and ready by about 9am. His meds were ready by lunchtime. Whether three other people would get a nights sleep tonight or not was hanging by a thread.

The thread broke.

Transport is not arranged. (missed opportunity for song title.)

We have another chance tomorrow – everything is set up for a 9 am departure – however another night of uncontrolled bodily functions may yet put paid to that.

I’ll believe it if and when I see it – then I’ll show some humility.

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5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – If You Tolerate This…”

  1. Sunil Ravji Says:

    David I guess you can’t see what I see that happens every morning at around 2am which wakes me up and keeps me up till breakfast. So the man your talking about gets out of bed, waking the whole hospital up at 2am. He goes to the toilet and does his thing, he comes out slamming the door and decides to get dressed… shirt, trousers and suit jacket. He then sits on the chair till breakfast… looking straight in my direction. Now I don’t know if his looking at me or what, but I tell you something it scares the hell out of me, and from that point, I can’t sleep. So if there is a god up there, please have the bloody transport ready for 9am… Join me and pray.

    Sunil Ravji

    • davidkallin Says:

      Yeah I had been who had the better deal – me being alongside but with blinds drawn just closer to the noises or having to hear a touch further away but with the added sense of vision – I guess you win hands down. Let’s call a cab for 9am.

  2. sam elliott Says:

    will do my best in the morning guys!!

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