Chopped Liver – Three Men In A Boat

Well what a day of unbridled emotion, intense excitement, divine retribution and a massive mixture bitterness and joy served up in the same spoon.

I know you are all tenterhooks waiting to know if the old guy – the poor, lonely, confused guy who I unceremoniously pushed back into the street by my vitriolic willing of yesterday’s post. His date of destiny with the foot clinic in St Johns Hill, Wandsworth was today at 11:40. He had to leave by 9:00 to have realistic chance of making it.

9:00 came and went. The guy has been sitting up and dressed as per the previous four mornings.

10:00 came and went.

The others had opened a book on the odds on whether or when it may or may not occur.

11:00 – Right Michael we are ready to take you down now

What about my keys and my wallet?

Well where are your keys and wallet?

Well I dont know

Well who had them?

My friend

Where is your friend?


11:20 Wallet and keys found and handed over.

Exit Michael.

Enter – Jason.

Jason is the person who I alluded to in previous posts as being the low-life alky druggy who was making my existence so unbearable and who I had also willed away.

So my punishment for being so cruel to the hapless micheal was the return of the lowlife. That’s what you get for being judgemental on others.

So I willed him away again. And hes gone.

New Liver. New Power.

But. Seriously the greatest disappointment I have today is one that I simply can’t fathom.

I stumbled – onto BBC 6 music station.


All these years.

Not even O’Beirne told me – and Marc Lardy Boy Riley is on right now – it’s just been like listening to Peel all over again. It has literally (metaphorically) made me feel 30 years younger – I just want to get up and jump around!

And Nobody Told Me


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4 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Three Men In A Boat”

  1. hepababe Says:

    Ah, hospital wards.Nearly always, better the devil you know!You’re getting there.Hare and tortoise.Best wishes.Elspeth.

  2. Tina Ravji Says:

    I’ve spent my entire journey home on the ever so slow London overground reading your blog, I had to comment – I just couldn’t help myself!

    The stories on the dirty old man and the crazy alcoholic sure bring back memories – can’t say they are good ones though. I’ve gota say you got off lightly not having to have the big mess on full view, not a pleasant sight especially when he lost control … I don’t think I need to say anymore on that subject! As for the crazy drinker did I hear right, he came in today and gave Sunil AKA Saeed a present, what on earth is that about!!!! After all the abuse you guys threw at him he came back to say ‘hello’ – impressive! It’s probably because of all those texts Sunil AKA Saeed ‘sent’ his girlfriend ha!

    Anyway as my travel home comes to an end I’ll leave you to enjoy what will defo be a peaceful night although after 31 days Sunil is getting ever so frustrated so don’t be surprised if he starts ranting and raging at 2am – hey Liver doc’s I know you’re all reading this so be on guard when you next do your rounds to visit him, he’s not a happy bunny!

    Almost home so I’ll leave it at that. Be sure to read a chapter of ‘The Secret’ I’ll be testing your knowledge on it tomorrow 🙂

  3. Lou Says:

    As I’ve never found Radio 6 myself I hope you at least toyed with naming this post “What’s the frequency (Kenneth)?”…!

  4. sam elliott Says:

    At least I kept my word. You face was a picture when he walked in. I’m sure you caught me laughing in the corner.

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