Chopped Liver – You Spin Me Round

The day started well enough – after the three men in a boat got a fairly good sleep – still plenty of snoring and bodily function noises – I hold my hand up too on that score I’m sure.

But I sail through the day until they decide they need my bed to give to someone who needs closer monitoring – another positive sign.

I am aiming to leave for good tomorrow. So even the irony of using New Liver New Power to get shot of unwanted people in my room worked a treat I now find myself in different room with different people to try my new found powers on.

Mid afternoon and I am informed there is a slight problem with my liver function results – i am going down for an Ultrasound scan.

I passed that – knew I would, it was a doddle!

I come back up – tomorrow must be back on then.

And then @drobeirne does his rounds at about 18:00

He sits on me bed and says – got some bad news DK.

Your latest bloods shown an increase in something or other.

We’re probably going to have to do a TJ Biopsy on your liver tomorrow.

We’ll take some blood now and then again at 6 am and see if the pattern continues. If it does we go ahead with the biopsy – however it has sorted itself out then we’ll cancel.

So my question to you is – how do I go about reducing my liver function results?

Eat lots of sweets? Cakes? Chocolate?

Answers on a postcard please.

By the way you do know what a TJ biopsy is don’t you?

It doesn’t physically hurt – but boy it mashes up your mind.

T stands for Trans
J stands for Jugular

So that’s all for tonight – and remember… Don’t have nightmares. Good Night.

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7 Comments on “Chopped Liver – You Spin Me Round”

  1. Lee Baker Says:

    Sounds about right, the laws of physics and time don’t seem to apply in hospital. The Doc’s do their rounds and explain that someone somewhere is going to do some tests on you today so we can get you out soon. That normally means not today but maybe after we tell you again in tommorow’s rounds someone may turn up. As for actually getting out, make sure your drugs and discharge letters are done outherwise your be waiting all day even if your ready to go a 6am 🙂

  2. hepababe Says:

    I’ll comment tomorrow.I had a “normal” not Tj biopsy last Thurs.I also usually pass the Ultrasounds too but bloods are the clever bit.I think I remember Sawbo and I saying that pre T/X. Hope you get home soon.

  3. Sawbofeller Says:

    I think I had at least three ‘false’ exits, it’s a bummer at the time but at least you know you’re in the best possible place if anything goes awry.

    The fat lady doesn’t start singing until you’ve;

    A) Got your discharge papers and medcert
    B) You’ve been given a months supply of drugs
    C) You walk past the fancy new reception desks at the Pond St. entrance.

    Believe me, unlike other less reputable establishments, the RFH won’t let you go home until you’re good and ready. Besides, you would miss the restful nights, the peace and quiet on the ward and most of all the haute cuisine.

    Keep the faith, keep positive and you’ll soon be home and out of sight of London’s biggest eyesore – the Emirates Stadium, home of the South London interlopers.


    • davidkallin Says:

      Thanks Sawbo – I really don’t want that donut so much to hang in here for – the next hour or so will be a tense waiting game for me – bloods have been taken – I got things crossed that I never knew I could cross.

  4. sam elliott Says:

    Fingers crossed ya lft’s will be grand today. But then again we know ya love a little poke LOL. If there is a problem it will usually be sorted with a few days of high power steroids. Good luck .

  5. Fiona Says:

    Depends which of the 6 or 7 LFT elements you want to reduce. Reduce the albumin too low and you’re in as much trouble as the bilirubin too high!

    Don’t envy you that TJ. Just off to drink my cocktail of anise flavoured Gastrografin for my 6 monthly CT scan. Thought I’d add a cherry on a stick and a cocktail umbrella this time, not that it makes me feel any less nauseous after pints of the stuff, lol.

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