Chopped Liver – The Female Of The Species

Today was a monumental day.

As in, it was a lazy Sunday, nothing much happened. My brother came over with my mum. She played with the boy and the bigger boys watched footy on the telly. Later on in the day, after my family had gone, some friends popped in for half an hour with some soup and chocolates. Most appropriate and thoughtful.

I had a couple of naps intersperced with all this dramatic excitement – but that has been about as normal a Sunday as I could ever wish for – save for when the weather gets warmer and the three of us can go out walking in the countryside again.

As I say, a monumental day – totally normal. Great.

Now I’d like to relay to you an interesting little story that, if it doesn’t necessarily explain the differences of the sexes, certainly highlights it.

My friend Canny K came into the hospital last week to visit me. As a gift he brought me two books. One, a jovial overview of famous football managers past and present and some of the rediculous quotes they have come out with e.g. Kevin Keegan – In some ways cramp is worse than a broken leg.

The other book was from his wife Anita and is a book about positive thinking that she is apparently enraptured with – and is called The Secret. Canny K said I didn’t need to guess who each book was from. My wife came to visit – and saw the books and was immediately fascinated with football manage
The Secret and started to read extracts to me – which went in one ear out the nearest orifice – I think it was my left nostril. But she was immediately hooked.

Sunil was in the bed across from in the ward. His wife Tina would visit every day. Tina has lazer eyes – at least she must have – unless it’s just when it comes to recognising the cover of the book The Secret at a distance of a hundred yards – because she came darting over with bubbling excitement and started discussing the merits of the book with B (my wife – who, for the newer readers has no connection with the letter B) and how she constantly refers to the book for inspiration.

B appears to be hooked too. I am going to need a lot of working on.

So what does it tell you? Is my study of 3 couples scientific enough to deduce that females are more likely to embrace this kind of thought-lifestyle than males?

I guess if it works for you – male or female – then go for it. After all it takes the same amount of effort to be positive as it does to be negative. And I tell you this – people prefer positive people – search through a very early post about sacks of potatoes in this blog for more on this.

Now, just by way of balance and perhaps to prove the point, there are many books written about positive thinking – so here’s my one about the powers of negative thinking.

Life revolves in cycles. When you feel down, people say, never mind, good things will come to you next. So that’s ok then. If you feel bad, soon you’ll feel better. However, as life revolves in cycles, so, logically, when you feel good, it follows that soon you will feel bad again – it’s a cycle. So don’t feel too happy when you feel good, as badness is just around the corner.

In summary. It’s better to feel bad – as soon you will feel good. Watch out when you feel good, as soon you will feel bad.

Best seller?

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – The Female Of The Species”

  1. paula b Says:

    dk so so pleased to hear you are home , fab news, I am in Oz at the moment and not back for a couple of weeks but look forward to seeing you on my return,keep up the good work mate,its good to read the blogs to keep up with you PBx

  2. Sunil Ravji Says:

    David my wife (Tina) is trying her very best to make me read the Secret. She bought it for me when I came into hospital, it’s now been 36 days since I’ve been here and I’ve managed to read 10 pages of it…

  3. Tina Ravji Says:

    Hi David I hope you’re doing well.

    I’m glad your wife is giving it a go it’s bloody amazing and as long as you don’t take it too seriously its fine. It’s all about the law of attraction, there’s some everyday examples in there which are so on point! Sunil failed to give it a go so it’s back at home with me!

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