Chopped Liver – Bridge Over Troubled Water

I never really got a chance to recount the finer points of the evening that I got THAT CALL. So let me take the opportunity to redress that now. After all, for those of you who have been with me from the start, or for some time, will know that it took me about 11 months of blogging just to get to that point.

When you wait for something for so long without it coming you really are not prepared for it when it actually happens.

And so it was. It was a Tuesday evening – Bridge night. For the uninitiated Bridge is a card game played with multiples of 4 people. You cannot play with one less or one more – has to be 4’s.

So Hand 3 of the evening of Feb 8th and I am trying to make a contract – when I feel a vibration in my pocket. This is unusual as my phone is not usually on mute – but I must have muted it for a meeting earlier in the day – so whilst retaining my train of thought regarding the strategy of winning this hand, I pull out my phone and see the word BLOCKED on the display.

So I answer it. blah blah blah liver blah blah coordinators.

Oh Hi I said, as I pick up another card to continue my quest to win this contract.

So, we have a liver for you.

Oh? You do?

At this point, I swear, I thought to myself – oh dear, I may not be able to complete this evening’s match – that’ll be a problem for everyone else, as it will leave them one short.

And so the phone call continues. I do have to warn you David, that due to the nature of your particular condition and your history of previous operations, it may be that we take you into theatre, open you up only to find that we are unable to perform the transplant and we may have to stitch you up again.

At that point, and not a moment before, I put down my cards, abandoned the notion that I may even complete the evening, let alone the hand.

So what time do you think you can get to the hospital?

Eh, about 10 o’clock.

Ok, someone will be there to meet you.

So I drive home – in a haze – go inside the house, give my wife a big long hug. And then what?

What do you do? Pack? Pack what? I am not going to need much. Don’t think I’ll need swimming trunks, woolly jumpers, camera, good book, – no i dont need much of nothing.

So we make some hasty arrangements with B’s sister (so helpful) to look after Weedy and we set off on our way into the unknown.

We get checked in, and I have to have some hastily arranged checks, on my health condition before finding a bed in a ward to sleep the night in. B goes home. Somehow I get some sleep – I think I am still in denial.

The next thing I know it is early morning and I am receiving some sort of pre-theatre sedation. I think I remember meeting my anaesthetist – a crucial man amongst many crucial people I will encounter – consciously or not over the forthcoming 12 hours or so.

To be honest that is all I remember until halfway through the following day – thursday 10th.

But everything happened on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011. And from what I hear – it was a close call.

A very close call.

I believe Mr. Sharma, my surgeon, stretched the boundaries of surgical brilliance and practically reconstructed much of my internal structure.

Respect Mr. Sharma.

Soon I will tell you what happened when I first came round.

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5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Bridge Over Troubled Water”

  1. Phil Says:

    Now that was a riveting read!!!

  2. lilsophie Says:

    ACK!!! I’m practically screaming in my chair! I’ve been off the radar screen dealing with my own girlie that I didn’t even know you got “The Call”….. let alone went through the whole thing!
    I’m so behind! I’m going back and reading EVERYTHING! I want hear it all.

    And this, “Soon I will tell you what happened when I first came round.” Really?!? This is where your gonna leave off? What a cliff hanger. I’ll be waiting, so type faster. Haha.
    Actually, I’ve missed a LOT so I have quite a bit to read tonight.
    Soooo, happy for you. I hope your doing well.

    • lilsophie Says:

      Ok, so I’ve read it all…..
      The haircut with scissors and burning ear hair, are you sure it wasn’t Sweeney Todd?
      The card games with rules that change but are the same, but change… but it’s during the superbowl so it’s the same….
      The Call
      The bodily functions….
      The poor old man that I want to find and give him a diaper and a hug…
      Your doo dooo doooooooo Great Escape…
      Your return to normalcy at home…. at least a new liver normalcy

      All of it! More please! 🙂

      • davidkallin Says:

        So kind of you Jenny. I’m sending positive vibes across the water for lilsophie – from what I understand they did to reconstruct my portal vein – I am thinking positively for you. The surgeons are amazing.
        Lots of love and best wishes. David x

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