Chopped Liver – Ordinary People

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was a VIP. I was on a list. I was top of the list.

But y’know, it takes much less time to slide down – and off – than it does to reach the summit in the first place.

Now, I am neither top of the list, nor anywhere on the list. I am simply an ordinary post-liver transplant patient turning up for his outpatient appointment at the clinic.

Except today I wasn’t even that.

I wasn’t even on the list to be seen.

I had thought that with this being only my second outpatient appointment that I would be automtaically on the list – but apparently not. I had to have made myself an appointment the week before to be seen today.

So my notes were not available – but I had some questions for the doc.

Thank Goodness theyre such nice peeps and @drobeirne invited me in to field my questions, check my latests bloods, talk about The Fall and told me how well I am doing. Thanks for that.

I had time too for a massage. I’ve been having these back spasms from time to time – too long spent lying down in the hospital. So I had the message – but I still ache. I need to get out walking more and more each day.

I await the results of today’s bloods – especially the status of my CMV virus which I hope the drugs have started to negate – we’ll see…. couple of days for that.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Ordinary People”

  1. drobeirne Says:

    We are victims of our own success! The more patients we transplant the more our clinics become chaotic and less manageable. Epicfail that your clinic appointment wasnt booked but we got through. @dkallin is exactly we the person we need to talk to the liver patient support group regarding increasing our presence in the social media space.

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