Chopped Liver – When The Healing Has Begun

My chest feels tight. Last night it was painful – I even had to resort to taking Paracetamol – the first painkillers I have taken for weeks – but I was really struggling. It gave me a good night’s sleep.

I guess this is the healing process kicking in. I’ve had my wound checked out – the hideous-looking sharkbite-esque scar is apparently looking very good. But it feels tight.

I am also getting short sharp back spasms whenever I lie down – captivating throbbing pain for about a minute before it subsides. My diagnosis for that is – too long spent lying or sitting around during the hospital weeks – I dunno why these doctors bother going to school – I can diagnose just like that.

Of course I may be wrong.

The good news is that the antibiotics I am taking for the CMV virus I was diagnosed with last week are working. The virus is now well under control and following a good blood result next Tuesday I should be able to stop taking those pills.

That leaves the plan to enable me to undergo a rescheduled ERCP to remove my bile-bag – this will involve stopping Warfarin and replacing it with Heparin – by injection.

I am making good progress. It’s just that sometimes I feel that when I take two steps forward – I stumble one step back – but the net result is still forward. So that’s all good.

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