Chopped Liver – Tight Connection To My Heart

Ok – so I missed a day. Doesn’t necessarily mean BAD. Could just mean … LAZY, or BUSY, or simply didn’t know what to write – in the absence of gore, y’understand.

But truth be told, it’s been a pretty good weekend. My wound is still feeling very tight – though more so yesterday than today – except that since yesterday, the part of the wound that feels the most tight has started oozing a bit of gunge – or is it gunk? Oozing anyway.

The nurse patched it all up this morning but it is still visible through the dressing this evening. She said it all looks fine.

She was very impressed with Weedy’s unfaltering knowledge of routes on the London Underground.

I have been out walking in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Not far but far enough to tire me out – especially going up the the uphill bits.

Today was the first day I have gone through the whole day without a midday nap – circumstances really, people popping in to visit – happy to report though that I felt fine, and able to get through it without much bother.

My weight has increased… ever so slightly… but it’s the right direction – still some way to go on that particular challenge – especially considering how thin and gaunt I look. I look in the mirror and see someone with healthy looking skin and white eyes – but no filling – the neck area seems the worst – but that’s because it’s the most visible – the truth is I need to put weight on all over. But that’ll come.

So there it is – blog post written. Ready to hit the PUBLISH button. No jokes. No funny stories. Just a matter of fact statement of how I am feeling – you know what? – I am beginning to side with the gore-mongers.
A blog’s a chore – without the gore!

I shouldn’t tempt fate.

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