Chopped Liver – Cover Me

My life – the past twelve months of it anyway – is kept in tight security in the safe deposit box otherwise known as WordPress , so you can imagine my horror when WordPress crashed last night. Not just crashed for me but globally! Methinks me needs to rethink me storage strategy.

But thankfully (for who?) it’s back up again – so I have to try and be inspired once more.

Yesterday was outpatients clinic day. I duly turned up, had my bloods done, had my massage, and went to clinic.

The trouble is that the blood results are nver ready by the time you see the doc so the only data they have to go on is last week’s bloods – anyway they’ll contact me if there’s anything significant that might merit a dosage change of my meds or whatever. I am waiting to find out if I can stop taking my CMV antibiotics yet.

Generally I am feeling good – it’s just this damn tightness around the top of my wound that’s slowing me down. I went for a lovely slow walk in the warm sunshine today and lunch outside at my local cafe – and then I thought – yikes! I shouldn’t be doing this – warm sun beating down on me – what did they tell me? Keep out of the sun be seriously covered up – thankfully I was seriously covered up – cap included – but boy was I hot?

I’m going to have to work out a better solution for this for future warm days. Oh how I used to love the sun beating down on face and arms – never mind – small price to pay and if I thought about it, probably a darn sight healthier covering up than being exposed.

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5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Cover Me”

  1. hepababe Says:

    I use Ultrasun 50 on my face,neck,decollete and backs of my hands 365(on prescription).Arms,legs and feet probably soon,till mid-September depending on my clothes.And I still dont sit out in direct strong sun.I put it on every morning without fail.Oh and wait for 30 minutes before you put your make-up on!!

  2. hepababe Says:

    Doubt it, but how about a lovely cold Ensure juice plus?

  3. Fiona Says:

    Delving into the internet again while looking for diet advice (BLT are bringing out a new edition of their diet leaflet – another lay review job) I found a post op guide given to patients of ‘Jimmy’s’ in Leeds.
    It included this:

    “A feeling of a ‘stinging’ or ‘pulling’ sensation can be quite severe at times, but it is nothing to worry about. During the healing process parts of the
    internal muscles stick together and instead of moving around freely, they pull hence the discomfort”

    Is that a bit what your tight sensation feels like.

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