Chopped Liver – Parklife

Sun’s out again.

One time that would have meant rip off your clothes – no need for jackets or coats, hats or scarves – get out the t-shirts, maybe even shorts (hope you’re not eating your dinner).

But for me it means slap on the Factor 50, jacket on, cap on, long trousers and a pair of good shades – and boy do I feel hot!

But me mate Pat came round and we went on my longest walk by far – all the way to, round and back from the park with a nice cup of tea on the cafe pavement by way of reward.

It was a good walk – I felt I was able to stretch myself more than before – more than yesterday – felt good.

I’m lucky my convalescence is coinciding with beautiful spring weather – how can you not feel positive when the sun is out (even if you have to do everything in your power to protect yourself from it).

So not a day of two steps forward and one step back – simply a day of one step forward.

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