Chopped Liver – Thick As A Brick

Something’s been puzzling me since I started this blog – or to be more accurate – since 9th Feb 2011 – the day of my Liver Transplant.

Y’see that was the day that I received the record number of views on my blog.

But how did all these people know? I know I had been building up to this great day – indeed it was the whole point of the blog in the first place – so why should I be surprised?

Well, I should be surprised because, well, I mean who are these people? And how do they know to visit my blog on the very day of the operation.

I put this to Pat yesterday.

He looked at me as if I was thick.

He then told me I was thick.

And then he told me why. As he, and people like him, were keen to find out how my operation was going, and not wanting to bother anyone by phoning up close relatives, he, and people like him, would repeatedly log on to my blog just to see if someone (wife, perhaps?) had put out a statement. An update. Anything.

So, no I did not manage the amazing feat of acquiring lots of new followers whilst spread out on a bed in an operating theatre with my guts in the air.

No, I probably had an average number of readers – who were repeatedly logging in and logging out just on the off chance that something new might be there.

There is a lesson here. If you are going to create an expectation that people can find out information in a certain way and at a certain time – then you should aim to meet it – otherwise people think… all things.

Meanwhile I am coming to terms with the realisation that I am about a quarter as popular as I thought I was … and twice as thick!

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Thick As A Brick”

  1. Alan Jones Says:

    Glad you ate doing well,
    and thick is good- think of cream,milkshakes,chips they are all the better for being thick!

  2. Mike Says:

    If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join a club!!

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