Chopped Liver – Running Up That Hill

Since my operation, my weight – after I lost the 20 kilos of body fluids – dropped below the weight I was at before I entered hospital. In fact the weight I have been for the past 10 years or so.

But how much of that “normal” weight was down to tummy distention or whatever, due to my illness – I don’t know. But I do know that I am a lot thinner than I have been for many many years. Doubtless I will put on weight in due course, as I concentrate on piling on the calories, although I am still finding it a bit of a struggle just trying to work up an appetite.

However the point of all this is that my clothes don’t fit. My troos fall off – which is not a major problem if you’re pottering about the house – but as I am being a little bit more adventurous these days it’s probably not ideal.

So I decided today to walk to Brent Cross Shopping Centre – which is a 10 minute walk down (note: down) the road. And on a Monday morning it’s very quiet. So I bought some troos – at a waist size not seen in these parts for many a year, and some other stuff – well, be rude not to, if you’re in a shopping centre you may as well just go for it.

So I had all these bags of loot and made my way to go home. Have to confess I was starting to feel a bit tired at this stage. Now, if you remember, the shopping centre is only 10 minutes down (note: down) the road – but on the way back it is not down anywhere – it is up. And when you are very tired, have a big scar, and a load of bags to carry, it is certainly not 10 minutes!

in training... (snicker)

I don’t know how long it took me – but it was a very slow walk up the hill and I was thoroughly knacked at th end of it. As Isaac Einstein said – what goes down must come up. I’m not quite sure of my limit at the moment, but I do believe it is less than what I did today.

Still, I enjoyed buying clothes at the same size as I was 20 odd years ago.

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6 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Running Up That Hill”

  1. Donna Obstfeld Says:

    I recommend a good taxi service!

    Still gets you the exercise on the way ‘down’, but saves you the struggle ‘up’.

    Don’t over do it.

  2. Mike Says:

    As Ian Dury (over sholum) once said: “What a Waist”.

  3. Mark W Says:

    I have found the opposite problem I an considering buying some larger clothes now I have been dosed up with steroids in hospital this weekend for possible rejection and look like a hamster.Glad things are going well ,but Take it easy on the hills

  4. Fiona Says:

    “One says she’s a friend of mine
    Take it easy, take it easy”

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