Chopped Liver – Ballad Of A Thin Man

You may remember a couple of weeks back I was being readied for my ERCP (Endoscopy) to remove my bile bag (oh by the way I mentioned to my brother that I still had this bag attached to me – what’s in the bag? he asked – It’s bile in the bag I answered – Bile in the Bag? he countered, is it Uncle Ben’s?) and it was found that my blood was too thin to perform the procedure – my INR was 4.9 in case youre interested – I don’t know what that means – well, I do – it means that my blood is too thin to perform an en ERCP.

I was on 3 mg of Warfarin at the time. This got reduced to 2mg as a result. However, following yesterday’s blood tests, it was found that my INR was 1.4.

Guess what. This is too low – danger of clotting. Not a good idea when you have just had a liver transplant following a blood clot in the portal vein. So, they want to strike a happy medium of taking 2mg one day and alternating with 3mg the next.

But the complication to this is that I was told to stop Warfarin today and tomorrow as part of a plan to ensure I can undergo the rescheduled ERCP on Monday. So I’m in a bit of limbo right now – the haemo peeps need to talk to the consultant peeps and come up with a revised plan – like NOW – or to agree that the plan I am currently on is acceptable.

I await a further phone call in the morning but it looks the haemo peeps want me to come in and see them.

I tell ya, if it ain’t one thing it’s t’other.

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7 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Ballad Of A Thin Man”

  1. Fiona Says:

    According to the Child Pugh scoring system (I have an interest in this as it governs whether I would be fit for another resection if required) an INR of greater than 2.2 means you are ‘severely deranged’. Do you feel deranged!!

  2. Simon Says:

    Here’s a random thought for you entirely unrelated to the above blog…
    Is there a song title that is the same by both Genesis & Van Morrison ?

    If you are remotely interested in the answer let me know !

    • davidkallin Says:

      em… is it The Return of the Giant Hogweed?

      • Simon Says:

        I was thinking of Domino…when you Google it you get Domino’s pizza come up 1st which gives this a further unusual twist ….

      • davidkallin Says:

        I’m sorry Simon, I haven’t been on your planet for a while so not quite sure what the unusual twist is about Googling Domino and finding the Global Pizza chain crop up. Are you sure it wasn’t The Return of the Giant Hogweed? I tried googling that and no pizza chain came up – reconsider?

  3. hepababe Says:

    Loving the “bile in the bag”.

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