Chopped Liver – 7 and 7 Is

Never thought I’d be able to use that song title. Not on your nelly.

Yeah I know I didn’t post yesterday. That’s because I didn’t feel that great – felt a bit nauseous all week truth be told, and my wound been hurting an’ that – and I just didn’t feel like blogging about it.

So I thought I’d wait till tonight – see how I feel, hopefully feel a little better and then I can blog about how great everything is.

But I don’t feel any different tonight.

I had my bloods done on Tuesday – and got the results yesterday. Reduce my Tacrilemus from 9 and 9 to 7 and 7. And 7 and 7 Is? You might ask. Well that means that my anti-rejection drugs are to be reduced from 9mg in the morning and 9mg in the evening to 7 and 7.

Also, my CMV drug can stop altogether.

Also, lots of to-ing and fro-ing on the Warfarin front – given that I am due to have my ERCP on Monday to remove my bile-bag – it’s imperative that my INR level is enough to enable clotting but not too much to cause a thrombos and not too thin as to cause internal bleeding yada yada yada. Seems I have to have Tinzaparin injections (in my stomache, natch) tomorrow and Sunday.

So is any of all this a possible cause of me feeling a tad nauseous? I dunno.

Do I feel any better telling you all this? Not really.

And do you feel your life is enriched by knowing all this? Doubt it.

But I have to get a blog out, so let’s hit the button that says Publish.

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6 Comments on “Chopped Liver – 7 and 7 Is”

  1. Lee Baker Says:

    Hey what can I say it’s a hard road, not always easy but definatly better than the alternative. I myself am back in Addenbrookes this time with CMV, although my doner was CMV+ i have always been CMV- that is up until last Thursday. Also my Tac levels are off the scale, so much so that I haven’t had any for the last 2 days. So the Doc’s want to get my inflamtion markers down then they will tackle my Heomogloblin levels and finally sort out the CMV. All in a days work. On the plus side I now know everybodys name and have been introduced to Heamotology,ID(infectious Disease),Rheumotology,and Immunology.

    Looks like I’m going to be around awhile yet.
    Good luck with the ERCP, had a few of those not the most pleasent of procedures. I just lie back and think of England and wish I’d listened to what my dad said.

    Don’t ask me what it was, as I said I didn’t listen but I’m sure it would have been very relative.

    • davidkallin Says:

      Like your comment about not listening to what your dad said – I may use that myself – if I use it in my blog, please don’t read it that day so at least you wont know I’ve stolen it from you. Sorry you been back in – but I’m sure it’ll sort itself out with the right balance of drugs.

  2. Fiona Says:

    Tell the medics about the nausea. Everything has a reason and you know how your body is feeling better than anyone else. The nausea will be affecting your appetite (?) while you you are trying to eat well and put weight back on.

    I found a post-transplant diet leaflet on the internet produced by Jimmy’s. Did your hospital give you diet advice?

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