Chopped Liver – Bloody Well Right

Have to confess I haven’t heard that song since I was a schoolboy. I think I even thought it was a bit risky (risk-ay) and hid it from my parents – my little secret having a record with a swear word on it. I’d be interested in hearing the Crime of the Century album in its entirety again – I know Supertramp became a hideous radio-friendly safe AOR American-audience type sell-out bunch of sheisters who made gazillions – but I have a recollection that this early effort of theirs was pretty good – but I was very young and had no taste (unlike now – where I am very old and have no taste).

Anyway I use the title for the blood connection. Tomorrow is my scheduled ERCP to finally (hopefully) remove my attachment. Last time out, pop-pickers, you may remember they aborted the mission due to my INR blood levels being way too high – so to prepare myself for tomorrow I have been on a plan – a bridging plan – to try and ensure my clotting levels are right for the procedure.

I stopped Warfarin last Wednesday. Went 3 days of abstension followed by 2 days of Heparin injections leading up to tomorrow.

As of this weekend – well yesterday my wound was so painful I couldn’t even go on my pathetically short walk – I tried it – but turned back. The nausea was still there, but maybe slightly easier.

Today – much better. Went on my longer walk – felt good. The nausea again was slightly easier – though not gone completely.

Anyway, endoscopy tomorrow. I think maybe even @drobeirne may be doing it. If he is I must remember to tell him that the district nurse has spotted a couple of transparent stitches on my wound that perhaps should have dissolved but haven’t – and quite how she spotted them if they are indeed transparent I’ll never know – anyway maybe @drobeirne is reading this so he’ll know anyway.

Oh I do so hate the bit when they stick the tube down – must try and remember @sawbofeller method – something like sticking the 3rd finger of left hand inside the right ear, crossing legs 3 times and shouting Whoputthebompinthebompshoobompshoobomp as loud as possible.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Bloody Well Right”

  1. Lee Baker Says:

    Hello David

    I always took the option of sedation although to be honest it would have been better if they sedated me at home before I got anywhere near the hospital.
    The one’s I’d had before Larry (my old liver)was removed from employment, always made me sleep for a day or so.
    The ones after seemed to be better just sedated me rather than sending me to sleep. Anyway both Larry and those procedures are now hopefully resigned to the great hospital in the sky. I think Larry must have been cremated but I never saw his ashes. Again I hope it all goes well today and your soon feeling better.


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