Chopped Liver – Feel A Whole Lot Better

Strange day today.

Following my endoscopy adventures of earlier in the week, and my subsequent cessation of Warfarin intake coupled with the introduction of daily Tinzaparin injections, I was asked by the Haemophilia Centre to visit them for a blood test today.

So there was I thinking I was going all the way to the hosp. just for a blood test – but in reality, what happened was this. I had my blood taken but then I wanted to see the Liver Transplant Coordinators to talk about a couple of things – namely… what’s gonna happen about my bag o’bile? and also to ask them what to do about a few rogue stitches in the middle of my wound that the district nurses reckoned was preventing me from healing properly.

I phoned the LT Coords – but there was no answer, so I was a bit sneaky. I knew it was pre-transplant (or ordinary, common-or-garden liver problems) clinic day so I’m bound to find a stray LT Coord in there. Sure enough, I find Kate (as in Lil’ Kate) (who, for the uninitiated – which is all of you probably – is, arguably, not the Lil’est of the two Kates – but will forever be known as Lil’ Kate by me – don’t ask), so anyway I tell Lil’ Kate about the stitches and she says let’s go up to the tenth floor and I will try and contact a surgeon – and would you Adam and believe it if the very surgeon she wants to contact is in the same bleedin’ lift we get on – so we were able to hijack him and drag him kicking and screaming into the treatment room on the tenth floor – whereupon he duly removed the offending stitches – without causing me any pain at all – NOT.

And we discussed failed endoscopies and what to do and it seems, hopefully, maybe, that we will have another go maybe a bit sooner – and get this – apparently in t’older days like when they didn’t do the endoscopy method of bile bag removal – they like just kinda like well sorta like – eh… pulled it out!

Hope I’m not around when they do that!

So, after all those shenanigans, I realised I could go back to the Haemophilia Centre for my blood results – and sure enough they were ready – and they were able to adjust my Warfarin dosage and stop my Tinzaparin after one last dose.

I'm so Happy, so Happy, so Happy

Look, I know there is a lot of pretty boring detail in this post – but hey, I feel a whole lot better, especially in the head (and especially not in the wound – which is aching from being ripped to shreds earlier) and you’ve got to admit – after yesterday’s doom & gloom report – it’s better to be positive than negative, eh what?

That should please at least one person – eh @juleslaney ?

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Feel A Whole Lot Better”

  1. Lee Says:

    About time things started going a little better, but as as you said and reminded me as I lay in Addenbrookes again. We don’t look like Homer Simpson anymore, we have new Liver’s and long term a great life ahead to look forward to, that we defiantly didn’t have pre-transplant.
    In fact if you were anything like me you just slept, had horrible taste’s and feelings through the toxin’s in the blood and just existed. So lets big it up for the teams and especially the donors that gave us this incredible gift of life.
    So while it is a pain short time, long term we

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