Chopped Liver – Scar Tissue

Frustrating day today.

I didn’t get a visit from the district nurse yesterday, so I was expecting one today – especially as the last time I had my scar dressed was in the hospital on Thursday lunchtime – and this is Saturday – and there is oozing.

Oozing sounds like a good word. Sounds like schmoozing.

Rather than losing – which doesn’t even look the same.

So, as it was a beautiful warm sunny day and I was looking forward to getting out and walking/sitting in the park – enjoying… the shade. So I hoped the nurse would come early morning.

Especially as my wound was really hurting – in fact I was walking around crouched – unable to straighten my body stand erect. So I hoped she would come early morning.

Alright mid morning.


Early afternoon, I’ll settle for that – given that despite missing half of the glorious day, I am now crouched over so much I couldn’t walk anywhere anyway.

By late afternoon (having watched Wolves v Everton, all the scores in Soccer Saturday, and The Grand National) I am crawling upstairs to find the number of the out-of-hours nurses offices – to either find out if someone can come out to me – or if I have to find a way to go to a clinic or hospital to get myself cleaned and redressed – not happy.

Then amazingly, the District Nurse calls me! Yahooooo! She wanted to know if I needed a visit today or no as I wasn’t on the list to be seen. You betcha!

So she came an hour later – and sorted me out.


Ok I missed my walk. Missed the sunshine. But thankfully, with our totally tropical climate, there will be another chance tomorrow!

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