Chopped Liver – Music To Watch Girls By

Just an update – not too much has changed.

Still got wound pain – especially when I am sitting down – and standing up.

And walking.

But the nurse said today that it all looks really good – week or two more and they will discharge me.

Maybe a week or two more and I’ll have got rid of my attachment – then I would be on the home straight.

Gorgeous sunny weather – enabled me to get out and about, walk round the park, sit on the park bench watching the girls go by.

Got a phone call from @hepababe – a long-standing subscriber to this blog who decided it was time to see if there really was a human being on the other end of the keyboard – and we had a good ole chat comparing notes following our transplants. She’s a Mercedes. I’m a Lexus. It’s a bit like star signs – except it’s car signs.

Here’s a little gem – we were in a bookshop yesterday – B, Weedy and I -and the wee boy picked up a book and shouted “Hey Mummy look! “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venice”!

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Music To Watch Girls By”

  1. lilsophie Says:

    What does it mean that they will discharge you? Your already out of the hospital. I’m assuming that means you will no longer need continued follow up care?

    Sorry your still carrying around your little ‘present’. I hope your next scheduled date for the removal will actually happen for you.

    Sounds like your doing fairly well. Slow…. and Steady…
    Which is good. 🙂
    Take care,

    • davidkallin Says:

      Hi Jenny – when we are discharged from the hospital we need daily visits from nurses to provide basic after care – primarily to clean and dress the wound or to administer injections – and it is they who are talking about discharging me from their care.
      And yes I am still carrying around my little bag – and I still haven’t found matching shoes to enable me to go out and paaarty!
      David x

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