Chopped Liver – Crouch Away

Oh, I do wish this pain will ease.

I am pretty sure it’s just the wound going through it’s healing process, and that soon it will improve – but I am struggling to sit, stand and walk – thankfully lying on my back feels good so I can get a good night’s sleep.

I even had an impromptu Reiki session for 5 minutes prior to the Bridge evening last night – and after it I seemed to feel a bit easier – or was it the effects of the two paracetamol I had taken half an hour earlier?

I saw the Liver Transplant Coordinator yesterday and I told her I am crouching around everywhere as I cant straighten myself up – Oh, she said, you should try not do that too much or your tissue will heal in that crouched position. So, now I am trying to stand up even straighter but it’s buggery painful – so I sneak in a couple of crouches along the way.

Anyway I don’t know whether to complain about a bit of pain, or to be more understanding of the fact that I had been sliced open in a shark attack and I am lucky to be alive after what they did to me – so just shut up, and grin and bear it.


Typical bloke.

Was watching SkyArts last night. They had a documentary about Pixies (not The Pixies… just Pixies, natch). It was really interesting. There’s only one person I know who likes Pixies as much as I do – and that is my 6-year old son – if t’internet wasn’t such a dangerous place I’d love to post a video of him as a 4-year old singing and dancing to Motorway To Roswell.

They were such a tight band. Late 80’s, early 90’s. Such a tight unit – it was a surprise to me at the time that they split up ‘cos they fell out with each other. And then this documentary following them around in 2004 during a world reunion tour (I caught them at Ally Pally) – and it was amazing how disfunctional they were and now it was completely understandable how they had to split.

The four of them in a foyer – the camera staying on them for ages – Dave the drummer, headphones in ear , drumsticks in hand bashing away on chairs and tables – all the time. No chance of communicating with him (unless to say SHUT THE FUCK UP!), Joey saying to the camera how disfunctional they all are and that there’s no communication – but he says that to the camera, and not to his band members. Kim is asked if they will record new material – she answers, well I’d kinda like to maybe, but you’d have to ask Charles. And so Charles is asked the same question – well, he says, I live for writing, but I dunno if the others want to – you’d have to ask them. Incredible.

And they band get called time, time to go on stage to perform their gig – and they are one tight unit! Playing blisteringly raw, innovative and exciting music. Incredible.

A very interesting study in human behaviour – gripping documentary.

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5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Crouch Away”

  1. hepababe Says:

    You’re no wimp.I’m glad you keep asking questions about your recovery, because of course it’s all new.Take care.

  2. Mike Says:

    By the way, did you see the documentary on Pixies?

  3. Fiona Says:

    Dammit, my son would have loved to see that Sky programme. He has them on his iPod. Wants to be a sound engineer or similar when he ‘grows up’. I will have to stay stumm as he will nag me to subscribe to Sky!
    Hope your crouching tiger position eases.

  4. Adam Says:

    am kinda surprised that you are surprised by this notion of dysfunctionality in that particular band. I always thought there was a bit of a music journo in you (another life perhaps??) and as such, it would be normal to be marvelled by an onstage energy coming from such friction… I mean it IS consistent with the sort of band they were(are?) on stage and Frank Black is not your average guy, even by rock frontman standards (never quite struck me as the type to chuck a TV out the window, although maybe at Kim Deal’s head)

    Then again maybe they are just alien prodigies who are able to turn it on at any given moment…

    • davidkallin Says:

      My new liver is surprised – I guess it may not have had a Rock n Roll upbringing – my old liver would not have been surprised at all, you’re right there.

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