Chopped Liver – Feast Of The Passover

Yes, it is a song title. It’s by that wonderful Jamaican band of the 70’s called The Congos, whose Heart Of The Congos album is every bit as good as the more recognised classic of that era, Two Seven’s Clash by Culture. If ya likes yur Reggie, then get those two beauts.

And tonight is the first night of the Passover festival. I will not use these pages to discuss what this means to me, except that tonight it means for me sitting at a crowded table trying to stay comfortable. This will be a challenge.

It means something totally different to Weedy, who is very excited at the whole prospect and has been practising his songs in preparation for him to go all shy at the crucial point and refuse to sing. We’ll see.

An update on my scar. I’m sure you’re all eager to hear about that – especially those of you who are about to feast on your Passover meal. My scar is doing different things in different places (no, not geographical places, different parts of it) – what this means is that some parts of the hideous sight, have healed, some are still healing nicely – but one bit, let me tell you, has “over-granulated”!

Oh yes, pop-pickers, there’s another new term for you. Over-granulated. What it means is that the two sides of the scar are trying to heal too quickly – by joining up with its counterpart and trying to mesh at that point, without waiting patiently to join at the optimum point. The consequence of this is that it will bond in a mound-type position rather than a flush one – got me? It would join at a raised point – rather than flat.

Once spotted, this has to be counteracted by starving the affected area of oxygen to prevent it healing so quickly whilst also using a tight air-proof sellotape-like dressing and ensuring it is kept dry. This means I am back to daily visits from the nurse for the rest of this week.

On the positive side, there are signs, small signs albeit, that the wound area in general is starting to cause me less grief (as long as I don’t sneeze, natch). That would be great if that were the case – although tonight (and tomorrow night) will put it to the test.

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