Chopped Liver – Get Up Stand Up

Here is an email response to my mate Canny K’s question as to whether I am up to receiving a visit from him to watch the footy and play some of our special criberoonie card game.

Dear Canny K

About tomorrow night – there are some things I expect I will be doing and some things I expect not to be doing
and some things I will def not be doing.

def not doing – passover stuff
def will be doing – watching spurs v arsenal on the telly
expect not be doing but I dunno for sure sure – sitting at a table playing cards

Reason for the latter is I did the passover stuff (part 1 ) last night which involved much sitting at a table and playing car… no, not that, just reciting some stuff and eating lots – and getting ever more uncomfortable and painful to the point where I could barely stand or sit at all so I excused myself and went and lay down on the couch – and hey, guess what, I have to do it all over again tonight – except tonight it involves a 40 min each way car journey plus hours of sitting – on top of me spending all afternoon today at the hospital for blood tests and clinic – so I expect to be an unmovable object for much of this evening and maybe tomorrow – except that tomorrow my brother and mother are coming over in the morning till 3pm at which time we are going off to a family tea party which will involve yet more sitting in pain and discomfort so that by the time wed eve comes along – I expect to be good for nothing at all except lying flat out on a couch watching Tot v Ars on the telly, got me? You are of course welcome to join me on the couch – or a couch of your choosing – or you could opt out – or I could see how I am later in the day tomnorrow – there thats decisiveness for you.

There I may as well copy and paste this and make it today’s blog post.


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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Get Up Stand Up”

  1. lilsophie Says:

    Ugh!! Sounds brutal! So sorry your in pain. I’m assuming that pain relief meds are not advised or don’t help?

  2. davidkallin Says:

    I have finally succumbed to it and ordered some tremadol – no point in being a martyr – saw the doc today – he said to expect everything to take it’s time for the first year or so ! He advised me to slow down – I didn’t think I could go any slower.

  3. Ken Says:

    In the end, neither of us was really up to it!

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