Chopped Liver – Slow

The song title SLOW could be applied to many artists – I even hear there’s a new one by a new Middle-Eastern singer songwriter – or was that just a Rumer.

But my SLOW refers to the pace of of my walking lately – due to the continuing pain around my wound constricting my movement. In the absence of any medical or informed diagnosis, I am bound to put this down to the fact that the nerve endings around my wound are coming back to life and so the pain I am experiencing is the constant knitting together of my body tissues.

That seems a fair and sensible suggestion and one that is put forward by many of the people who see me. But my only reticence to accept this is due to the sheer amount of time I have had the pain – I think its too long.

I know everyone is different and has varying healing times and complications etc, but you know I am soon to be approaching the time it is commonly accepted that I would be able to be back driving again. I can barely walk! I have pain when I sit down, pain when I stand up and pain when I walk. The only time I don’t have pain is when I am lying down fast asleep – which I don’t think is the optimum position for driving.

I saw the doc last Tuesday. I am seeing him again tomorrow. There was talk of an Ultrasound to see if anything shows up, but I have had no confirmation of that – hopefully tomorrow – hey maybe they could just do it tomorrow, that would be cool.

I also have the added issue of what to say to my elderly mother (well, she would be elderly given that I am no spring chicken, myself). She asks how I am and I say ok. Then she comes down and sees me and sees that my assessment of ok does not match hers – so she worries and starts phoning me to see how I am today – as if by magic her phone call would bring about a sudden improvement – and when I confirm that it hasn’t, so she worries even more. An’ now I get stressed out that she’s stressed an’ all that – but hey, that’s mothers for you – they’re the same the world over so I’m told.

But y’know I have to admit, I know I’ve had a major operation and I should expect things to be slow and unpredictable for perhaps the first 12 months or so, but this pain is just slightly getting me down. As in, Enough Already.

At least it has taken my mind off that goddam bile bag that I still have attached to me and for which I still have no confirmed date for a re-try.


I’ll sort it out. My nurse says I don’t complain enough.

Funny that – my mother always said I complained too much!

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