Chopped Liver – The Long And Winding Road

Not a bad day today all told. The weather started out a little chilly – but me mate Pat called to see if I wanted some company – which I did (though not him!), so he came round and it started to warm up outside, so we set up on the decking and had loadsa tea and coffee and biccies, while I waited for the nurse to come and clean and dress my wound..

That may not sound all that much to you – but I have to say it was absolutely devine DARLING – simply devine luvvy.

The nurse came around lunchtime (during lunch actually, or what little food I had that passed for lunch – cos we couldn’t go out as I had to wait for the bleedin’ nurse to come – phew, this is a lesson in how to make the totally mundane and dull – sound even more mundane and dull than humanly thought possible – I could go on, as you probably have guessed… but I won’t), and she remarked on how beautiful my wound was now looking – aw shucks, I bet she says that to all the guys, anyway, it made me blush – but seriously that was good – it has almost stopped oozing – so is ,what you might call in the trade, practically healed. But not quite yet.

Then Pat and I were free to go out for a walk – I warned him that my walking was now very slow and with much grimacing – but would you Adam and believe it – the more I walked today, the easier I found it – and I ended up doing the best part of two hours – and felt great.

So, there you have it – signs already that my wound is sorting itself out. “Hypochondriac!” , I hear you cry. “It was all Psychosomatic – once you were told you were ok, you suddenly felt ok”! Well, I don’t think that’s strictly true – but who am I to argue – nature works in mysterious ways and this could be one of them. I have long held the belief that my wound pain was my body’s way of slowing me down – without that pain, and with me feeling so good otherwise, I could’ve been tempted to do too much – but the pain prevented all that and kept me on a strict go-slow.

Anyway, I feel positive today – and hopefully that has come across in between the lines of my irritating ramblings.

Good Day to you all.

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