Chopped Liver – Movin’ On Up

So, what have I been up to this weekend? Well it’s been an interesting one – for me, not for you.

Yesterday turned out to be a far busier day than planned. I went out in the morning with Weedy to get some food.

For the fish.

As I am not yet driving, we took the bus to Mill Hill, walked to the Garden Centre, got the food, and walked down the Broadway for some lunch before carrying on down the Broadway and back up again to get home in time to go out to the park to meet some peeps for the afternoon – with whom we stayed out until 7:30 having had dinner in a lovely Italian restaurant.

The only reason I am telling you all this is not to enter the Guinness Book of Records for most boring writing ever, but to highlight the sheer length of time I was out (about 8 hours) and being generally sociable to boot.

And what of my pain? You may well ask. The fact is the pain has moved. As we have all surmised over the past few weeks, my pain is simply down to the healing process of my not inconsiderable scar. So where the pain was, is now settled and I have new pain – the pain has moved on up the scar. It was pretty darn raw today I can tell you.

Whereas yesterday I was so comfortable I felt I could almost walk normally, today the new pain was so raw that I was struggling big time, and walking as slow as ever before.

But now I am not so bothered. I know it’s just a new phase and I expect it to pass sooner or later. My biggest problem right now, is to try and keep well away from B who has one of her excessively loud and constantly running colds – nobody has colds like my wife has colds. I hope that

a) I don’t catch it off her
b) my son doesn’t catch it off her
d) hey, what happened to c)?
c) ah, there it is
and e) that if b) happens, that I don’t catch it off my son.

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