Chopped Liver – Is Vic There?

I was having lunch today with a friend, going over the issues of the day – things like AV (Alternative Voting – but we covered that in the previous post, didn’t we?) and the death of Osama Bin Laden and subsequent realisation that he had been harboured in a not inconspicuous compound 100 yards away from a Pakistan Military Academy.

We discussed the possibility/probability of the Pakistani hierarchy not being aware of its existence and who resided in it and my friend recounted this little tale from his childhood.

He was playing hide and seek in the garden with his friends. One time, he ran into his house, into the kitchen and hid in a cupboard next to where his mother was cooking.

After some time one of the seekers came running into the kitchen looking for him and having made a cursory glance around, asked his mother if she had seen him. His mother decided to protect her son from being found and with an outstretched arm directed the seeker back outside.

he went that away...

Note: She wanted to protect her son. She knew where her son was. So she pointed the seeker away from where her son was hiding.

Note: She did not say, “I’m sorry, I don’t know where he is”. She did not say “I don’t want him hiding in my house, I’ll help you find him”.

And when the seekers finally found him, they were just a little curious that he had been hiding in a cupboard right under the nose of his mother.

Go figure.

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