Chopped Liver – And It Stoned Me

You may have surmised from the lack of a health report in recent posts that all is going well with my recovery following my Liver Transplant way back in the dim and distant past of almost three months ago. And you would have surmised correctly.

My wound is all but healed. The nurse will make a decision early this week as to whether I will be discharged from their visits – nothing much for them to dress anymore.

Which means that my bile-bag attachment will have been in situ longer than it took my gaping wound to completely heal. It should have been removed after about three weeks.

This is a big week for me in addition to my healing wound I have an appointment on Wednesday to undergo my third attempt at an endoscopy to remove my attachment. I will doubtless be a bit nervous about this event as I certainly don’t want to wake from my drowsy slumber following the endoscopy to find that it is still in place. I have to come off Warfarin from today, go to the hospital on Monday morning for a blood test to see the level of my INR before they decide that I can start my course of Tinzaparin injections prior to the procedure on Wednesday.

Away from my health, I have been with my son at home all week as he has had a bad cold and off school. I’ve taught him how to play Chess and he has taught me Mahjong. And he wanted to read my Chopped Liver blogs going back some days and weeks – of course I didn’t mind doing this, although with some trepidation as I couldn’t remember which, if any of my posts, were for adult eyes only.

Anyway, he really enjoyed them, and laughed in many of the right places too, so at least I have found someone who appreciates my humour. However he did query as to my spelling of the boy’s name Weedy. I said it’s because you’re Wee D. I’m Big D and you’re wee D. So he said, why don’t you spell it “Wee D” then and not Weedy?

Y’know son, I think you’re right – from now on you’re going to be Wee D. Unless I am still writing this when you have grown taller than me, in which case we may have to rethink.

And also, Dad, you shouldn’t start a sentence with “And”. Ok, son – I don’t need to be told how to write a bleedin’ blog, got me? So, get back to your homework – oh, and don’t you start any sentences with “And”.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – And It Stoned Me”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Presume you have been gowned, masked and gloved, spraying liberal amounts of anti-bacterial over the chess pieces and mah-jong tiles so as to avoid catching Wee D’s cold?!

  2. davidkallin Says:

    Actually, having survived the best part of two months in the close proximity of my wife and my son, including avoiding two bouts of heavy colds, I have become somewhat blase about sterilising myself.

    I’m not tempting fate or anything, but I do find a bit odd that both wife and child caught colds and I didn’t – not complaining.

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