Chopped Liver – Drive

In the comments of my previous post I tempted fate by proudly boasting that I survived both B’s and wee D’s colds unscathed. Well I got my comeuppance. I now have a streaming cold… or is it hay fever? Could be. I don’t feel ill. Let’s call it hay fever.

It was a good weekend. Got out lots and felt less and less discomfort – it’s all coming together now. So much so that I decided to get my car jump-started and take it for a spin to charge the completely flat battery and to see how I felt behind the wheel.

I felt ok. Trouble is, my car, a Rav4, has quite heavy steering. It’s surprising really as Toyota are usually very refined but this seemed especially heavy after such a long time not driving.

As I was driving home I thought I’d stop off at a local chippy and pick up some dinner for B and I. I wondered if it was risky stopping the car engine away from home. Would it start up again? Yeah should be ok, after all I’ve just driven it for the best part of an hour on some pretty fast roads. So, it’ll be fine.

It wasn’t.

It wouldn’t restart.

So, I had to call out recovery and get them to jump start me again so I could drive to the local garage where I parked it overnight and went round first thing in the morning to get them to sort it out.

This they are still doing.

While they were doing this I went to the hospital to give more blood and have an assessment of my INR prior to my ERCP on Wednesday. Everything was fine.

So, hopefully this will be a turning point week. Wound fully healed week. Bile Bag removed week. Car starts week.

Then I can start thinking doing some more constructive things.

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