Chopped Liver – Show Me

Since my operation I have generally had my scar covered by copious amounts medical dressings, which have gradually been stripped away of late till these last few days when my wound had completely healed. All I have left now is a small dressing covering the exit point of my recent and now happily departed T-tube.

Some children like to read children’s books at bedtime. Some like to have books read to them. Wee D likes to share the duties with his daddy.

Most children like to read stories. My boy likes encyclopedias. We’ve been through ones about transport, about nature, animals, weather, the world etc and we are currently on the book of The Body.

It’s a brilliant book. And it’s graphic. Photos and digital images leaving nothing to the imagination. I don’t think it was intended for one so young as 6, but my boy just loves it. He reads the left hand pages and I the right.

Tonight the subject was about operations. And about scar tissue. There was a big double-spread picture of an operation taking place – showing graphically the open bloody flesh being yanked apart by metal clamps and clips with paragraphs about red cells, white cells and platelets etc.

I took the opportunity to say something to the boy that I had been planning to say for a few days but was waiting for the right opportunity, and I knew this was it.

You know son, you’re going to have to see my scar sometime. Sometime soon. And y’see, I don’t want you to see it by accident and get frightened by it. I have a scar and it’s a pretty big one and soon I want to show it to you – hey, you can even touch it if you want.

His response was that he wasn’t ready to see it yet… maybe when I’m 8.

No son, you’ll see it a lot sooner than that.

I left it at that. I’ll broach the subject again in a day or so.

He’s at an age where you start to have life-long memories so I don’t really want his first sighting of my scar to be a traumatic one – I want to make light of it and show it represents a positive thing – the point of my body where the very clever surgeon gave me a new life, so we be should be proud of it. Ok, son?

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