Chopped Liver – The Knife

Sorry peeps – I know what you’re thinking.

He doesn’t write. He doesn’t phone. He doesn’t fax. He doesn’t text. He doesn’t email. He doesn’t Post.

I can only apologise. Well, that’s not true. I can ignore it. Listen I didn’t promise I’d write every day, did I?

It’s been a family weekend (extended). (family and weekend).

Actually we have a new member in the family – a new baby boy – a Great Nephew for me.

I say new. What I mean is 8 days old.

And what happens to an 8-day old Jewish boy? He gets the snip. Circumcision.

You're gonna whaaat? I didn't think you were serious!

And we all gathered in the room to observe both the event and the varying degrees of queasiness among the guests.

Of course, after the ceremony we had the obligatory “lightening the mood” puns and wise cracks.

It’s a tough job being the circumcisor (a.k.a. Mohel) – he is poorly paid – but gets plenty of tips! Boom Boom.

How much was this Mohel? Oh very cheap – in fact he was a snip. Boom Boom.

Time to cut the cake – anyone got a knife? Oh darn, the Mohel has just left. Boom Boom.

And my personal favourite – Honestly why do we go on and on and on about the pros and cons of this ceremony – it’s just making a mountain out of a Mohel. Boom Boom.

Oh, on the liver front. Absolutely fine! Everyone said I looked great. More importantly I felt great.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – The Knife”

  1. ,,,,,,,,,……………….It would be nice if some of the reporting on this subject focused on the many Jews who are opposed to circumcision.
    Some Jews feel the time has come for a symbolic bris without surgery.

    Jewish Groups for Genital Integrity
    * Jews Against Circumcision
    * Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective by Ron Goldman, Ph.D.
    * Beyond the Bris: Jewish Parenting Blog
    * A Case for Bris without Milah.

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