Chopped Liver – Bet-cha By Golly Wow

Over the years I have played games on-line or had a little flutter on sporting events – haven’t done it for years (honest, m’lud) – but yesterday I received an email from William Hill Bookmakers. It looked like the usual spam/marketing stuff I get all the time from various companies, but for some reason I decided to open it.

This is what it said…

Dear David,

As of May 31st 2011 your William Hill account will have been inactive for at least 24 consecutive months.

Your account will be subject to an Inactive Account Administration Fee** of £3, or currency equivalent, per month.

You don’t have to pay this fee, simply use your account again.

If your account remains inactive, with no betting or gaming activity, deposits, withdrawals or transfers, a £3 debit, or currency equivalent, will be made on your William Hill account on the 15th of every month**.
What to do now?
We’d prefer you to be betting or playing with us than to impose the admin fee, so take either action below to avoid it:
•Make your account active again by using our betting and/or gaming products.

etc etc

Here was my response…

How dare you force me to continue betting on your site or else face a “fine” of £3 a month for inactive use.

There may be many reasons for inactive use – Death of account holder for one – how insensitive for you to send this email to someone who may have died.

Serious illness – how dare you take someone to task who is not in a position to bet.

Quit betting due to heavy losses – how dare you encourage such people to go back into your site – leave them alone!!!

I decided to go into my account that I have not been into for years to clear my account – which has a balance in it of £1.70 – but lo and behold – you prevented me from withdrawing it as it was an amount less than £10 – ridiculous.

Please proceed to inform me how I can withdraw my £1.70 and close my account and all associations with your company and do NOT even dare to charge me any money at all if you have not sorted this out.

Immensely iritated
David Kallin

You better you better you bet...

They have responded in quick time, apologising, and promising to send me a cheque and close my account but I post this blog as a warning to any of you that if you have a dormant account with William Hill, or perhaps with other similar companies, make sure you read their emails and act accordingly.

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