Chopped Liver – 2-4-6-8 Motorway

A momentous weekend in the history of my recovery.

As you may know, my wife won a competition of a weekend away in a posh hotel in Stratford upon Avon with a champagne dinner and full breakfast thrown in.

The 2 hour journey with me behind the wheel was a doddle. Very good feeling to experience this again.

So what about our stay? Well the hotel room was very nice – the bed was perfect. Perfect if you’ve had an argument with your wife (which I didn’t, honest). Or perfect if you want to invite a few extra couples in for the night (which I didn’t, honest).

As special V.I.P. guests (competition winners, y’unnerstan’), we were scheduled to arrive at the Great Drawing Room for canapes at 7:30. They duly arrived at 8:10! We had received our complimentary champagne (which my wife had changed to Rose as she prefers the colour) a few minutes beforehand. Whatever the colour of the drink, I have to announce that for the first time in ten years, I had some alcohol. I had a glass of wine. And let me tell you it did not have the effect on me that it seemed to on the wife!

A pint of Guiness it ain't, but it's a start.

The canapes finally arrived – look I’ve attached a photo of them just here, see? No? Hmmm… well they were ridiculously small and pretty irrelevant.

By 8:30 we still hadn’t been called in for dinner – I state that time merely to indicate that I could’ve caught the whole of the first half of the Champions League Final and missed next to nothing in the cuisine department.

What tickled me by the way, was that there were a number of couples receiving similar canapes and champagne and unless I am very much mistaken, I’d say they were all “competition winners” gratefully accepting their freebies. So, maybe we were not such V.I.P.’s after all.

When we were finally called in for dinner, it was pretty good fayre. I decided now to stop checking on Twitter as my friends were tweeting me the score – I decided to try the nigh on impossible task and go all evening and all next day without finding out the score and watch the recording when I got home. Yeah, right.

I’ll skip over the details of Real Tennis match we able to play in the enormous bed – that’s the secret bit, ok?


We get down at 9 a.m. and sit ourselves at a free table. After a while we get up and get our orange juice, cereals, stale croissant and go back to consume (or not) until we are acknowledged by a waiter to take our tea/coffee order.

Cue extended period of blood boiling.

It is 45 minutes before we receive our tea/coffee and toast by which time I was more than ready to scarper in the knowledge that regardless of reputation, size and grandeur you still have to provide a reasonable service – and this was not a reasonable service.

Aside from the hotel, Stratford was beautiful (if you like Shakespeare). Look we had a lovely time relaxing time, strolling the streets, sitting at cafes watching the people aimlessly walking up and down the same two streets. B and I had a lot of reflecting to do – it’s been a difficult time – not just the past few months, but the past year or so. We recognised we had both come a long way, and we deserved to sit in a cafe consuming cream teas without seemingly a care in the world.

And then all too soon, the journey home. Of course I didn’t really escape knowing who had won the footy, but that didn’t matter, what was more important was this one fact – the Kallins are back.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – 2-4-6-8 Motorway”

  1. phil Says:


    Enjoy reading your blog; your humour and bravery after your ordeal shine through. Glad you enjoyed your w/e, but one question. Are you allowed to drink alcohol after a liver transplant? And, after ten years abstinence, it must’ve felt strange?


    • davidkallin Says:

      Phil, Firstly thank you for interest and comments about my blog – always nice to hear. And you do ask an interesting question which is one that I asked of my consultant just last week. His response was that since my liver problems were not alcohol related, then there would be no issue, as long as I am sensible about it. Regarding that caveat, I have to say in my defence that I would only ever drink rarely and only ever modest amounts. I can say that for myself as i know it to be true – but for anyone else reading this who may be less sure of their own self control, I would recommend total abstinence.

  2. Ken Says:

    Excellent. I’ll bring round a couple of bottles of vodka and a bag of weed next time!

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