Chopped Liver – Magic Bus

After yesterday’s visit to a castle – that was closed all day on a Monday – we went to the Amberley Working Museum today. I just want to say how amazing it was. We spent 5 hours there – outdoors and indoors, the Electricity Hall with its live demonstration of what were effectively lightening strikes – awesome.

The Communications Hall – all forms of communication through the ages – fascinating. The Railway Maintenance Hall – yeah, try tear a 6 year old away from that. The Fire Station, Woodcutter (in action)Printing Press – with live demonstrations – listen there seemed to be endless different types of “life” and our little boy couldn’t get enough.

It may only travel a couple of hundred yards - but with a 6 yr old - that's eternity

The short bus ride on the Magic Bus was truly awesome.

And as for me – another day of yet more serious walking (after yesterday’s aborted castle visit, we ended up walking and walking through the beautiful countryside, round lakes, along country paths etc), and I felt fine – I do sometimes have to remind myself that I am still in convalescence. And it’s great to feel the healthy outdoors – even the mild sun on my face (tho’ I do lotion up and cover myself – you should see the hat I’ve been wearing – it’s sooo cool). (If you’re in Texas).

Right, where to tomorrow? More of the same please.

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