Chopped Liver – I Lost It

This was supposed to be a relaxing week. A chance to spend some nice quiet dedicated time with my family as I continue my recuperation from my liver transplant (4 calendar months ago today).

What I did not anticipate was the sheer exertion I would be undertaking in fulfilling this activity. You see, I was unaware of the variety, number and type of activities on offer in the South of England. Large areas of events to entertain both young and… eh, ignorant.

So, every day has seen the 3 of us making every minute count as we cover acres of paths, grasslands, museums (indoor and outdoor) etc., not to mention walking round quaint little villages in search of the ultimate tea-room to refuel. Needless to say, we succeeded in this regard without exception.

But after 5 days of these activities so far, today simply capped the lot. The wee boy wanted to go the Open Air Museum – fair enough. What harm could come from a museum?

Well, this place was massive. Fantastically interesting (to the wee boy, at least) with life throughout the ages captured in excellent detail. Wee D seemed to get more and more interested, excited and, of course, energised as the day went on – and resembled a tenacious dog pulling his lead-holder along for walkies (runnies?).

Mummy and Daddy were pretty knackered by mid afternoon, feet were aching, brains were hurting… what more could possibly happen now?

Well, we got to the final exhibit and had to head for the long walk back to the exit (via the tea-room, natch). The map was unclear. Wee D was convinced we had to go thataway. I wasn’t sure either way. B just wanted to get out via the shortest and quickest possible route. We decided to follow Wee D – after all he is fast becoming the most intelligent of the three, so it seemed a fair call.

The woodland walk we chose quickly assumed a steep incline with no sign of life, or landmarks to assist us. B was getting too tired and weary for niceties any more – so marched on ahead in the hope that, against her better judgement, she would soon smell tea brewing. But after a few minutes I began to doubt our chosen course. Wee D was still set on his choice. We called on B to stop – so she immediately marched back down the hill, past the two of us and further down towards where we had come from – so definitely a course that would take us back – but a course that would take us back through areas we had already visited.

Wee D could not/would not accept. Still insistent he knew the way, and even more insistent (as only a six year old can) that he will not go back through areas we had already been down.

So, we called B again! And we (me) decided to give a 6 year old the benefit of the doubt and lead us back up that steep incline again – just give it a chance. By this time I could barely walk – it really was taking its toll. B was in a trance. A trance of uncontrollable fear, anger, tiredness, aching and general uncertainty. The wee boy was steadfastly marching onwards and still upwards, still believing we would reach the holy grail. Until…

we reached a tree strewn across the ever-diminishing path – and instinctively B and I knew we had gone wrong. Wee D was still convinced and wanted to see it through.

I'm supposed to be on holiday - get me to a tea-room NOW!

B lost it.

Panic attack. We gotta head back. Now. It wasn’t pretty.

Wee D lost it. Uncontrollable tears and dismay that we were not going to allow him to see his plan through.

I was stuck in the middle. But one thing was sure. I was lost.

All that climbing uphill through difficult terrain – and all in vain, as we had to recover all our tracks and retrace our steps from (much) earlier in the day.

Picture the scene. 3 people in varying degrees of distress separated in their single file by an ever increasing distance.

Needless to say we got home. Needless to say we got to the tea-room in time. Needless to say not many words were uttered during this tea session. It is, however, necessary to say, that B was right.

B was right. We enquired on our way out – had we continued on our course we would have gone… eh, the wrong way. Not just the high way. But the wrong way too.

And I am supposed to be enjoying a nice relaxing week with no emotional or physical stress – pah!

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4 Comments on “Chopped Liver – I Lost It”

  1. Adam Says:

    Is this the Amberley Museum or another one? I have actually managed to talk the family into going there next week on your recommendation (and the train spotter in me…)

    • davidkallin Says:

      Well “the” amberley museum was a different day – it is a working museum and we spent a brilliant five hours there and we are going back again tomorrow as they have a special steam thing going on – thoroughly recommend. Yesterday was the open air museum at Weald and Dean near goodwood race course and was pretty good too – buildings and dwellings throughout the ages – all outdoors (cept the indoor bits).

  2. hepababe Says:

    “Shirley” there’s an app for that famous iPhone of yours that could have helped you find your way to the tea- room. lol

    • davidkallin Says:

      There actually is an App for that and I do have it on my phone, it’s called TripAdvisor , but the network was so crap I gave up trying to use it. And dont call me Shir

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