Chopped Liver – Family Affair

I’ll tell you about today.

Today is my birthday.

B has been saying for days that she has plans for my birthday but she wont tell me – and she certainly wont tell Wee D – as of course 6-year old cant keep secrets.

The morning came and yes there was a bit of text messaging going on – but that’s not unusual – so the plan was that we would go for morning coffee as the “thing” wot had been arranged wasn’t till about 11:00 – so we had time to kill.

That task completed we were marched by B towards Chichester Cathedral. At one point I stopped walking, turned Wee D to look at a building to point out some interesting (?) historical fact or something – when I heard my name being called out. I looked up and practically bumped into B’s brother J and his wife Bee and their daughter K. Got that? That’s Me, B, Bee, K, Wee D and J.

Now Wee D and K get on brilliantly – so they were off and running (and shouting) from the first second to the very last..

I was left dumbfounded on the pavement, still not at all comprehending what had just occurred – actually still believing that this was an incredible coincidence – before suddenly realising after a major “duh” moment that in actual fact this was the surprise.

And how nice it was too – for them to make the effort – though they were looking to go away for a day or two anyway – but very nice to surprise me in this way. But, how fantastic for Wee D to have his little cousin to play with all day.

We went into the grounds of the cathedral to watch, through large telescopes, adult Peregrine Falcons tending to their young. That’s nature for you, kids.

We played in the park. Not we, exactly – but the other two who were still running around and shouting and laughing and giggling and just generally having a great time.

And to round off the day I was asked to suggest a restaurant for the Bee and J to take us for a birthday treat dinner. And I am delighted to say that I chose what simply must be the best Indian Restaurant in Sussex – the India Gate just outside Chichester – it was absolutely brilliant.

So, a lot has happened to me since my last birthday – but this is a milestone I was looking forward to making – and now I have made it – and that’s good.

Except for the fact that I am yet another year older, of course.

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4 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Family Affair”

  1. lilsophie Says:

    Yay! A milestone it is. Happy Birthday!!

    • davidkallin Says:

      Thanks Jenny – I really appreciate it. I feel really bad – not physically but… well, I guess you missed the time when I had my LT, and now sadly I missed the time and didn’t realise Lil Sophie has had hers – BUT I am so happy she has had it, and has pulled through and has taken another crucial step towards better health and happiness. You must have been going through it lately, yet still you had time to think of me – thank you. And the very best wishes to you and your family – especially to Lil Sophie. David xx

  2. Hamish Says:

    “That’s Me, B, Bee, K, Wee D and J.” is a great line.

    And Peregrine Falcons used to be my favourite birds.

    Hope you had a happy birthday! And congratulations on the milestone.x

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