Chopped Liver – Oh What A World!

It is a funny old world. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Ah, Nevermind.

Oh, that reminds me – allow me to digress before I have even started – I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks back entitled Stranger Than Kindness. It was essentially about Search Engine Optimisation and what makes some blog posts more popular than others – and why are people finding my blog through odd searches – that kinda thing. I included a picture of Bart Simpson as a test, as I thought that held the key. I was right. For the past couple of weeks, searches for Bart Simpson have been my primary source of blog views, by a massive margin – but I am not going to cement that by including another picture of young Bart doing what he does best.

However, I am going to touch on this year’s topical topic. That being the ever changing fortunes of Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas. Ryan Giggs seems to have assumed the embodiment of snatching the ultimate defeat from the jaws of victory. From a populist viewpoint, there seemed only a few months ago, that there could never ever again be a footballer of such high standing ever again. A record number of Premier League titles, and countless other winners medals, Player of the Year awards, in a career playing at one club – arguably the greatest club in the world – over a colossal time period of 20 years… and counting – he just seemed, well, just to good to be true.

And you know what they say about things that appear to good to be true… they are usually too good to be true.

So compare the roller-coaster fortunes of Imogen Thomas. One minute the villainess, then a heroine, then an alleged criminal, to a billboard-hugging top company’s marketing strategy – and now this… a musical about ther life!!

Let's all sing now - Imogen all the people, living life as one... ooo-oooh

Already. So soon. Noch. My Life. Whatever next? Who would pay money to see that?

Oh What a World we live in. So said Rufus Wainwright (if you haven’t heard that song, by the way, your life is missing a crucial piece in its jigsaw, seriously, go listen now, it’s … it’s… it’s… well, y’know it’s like nothing else out there.)

Anyway the reason I mention Bart Simpson and Imogen Thomas is not to further test out my Search Engine theory, I hope you understand. I would not wish to prostitute myself in this way.

(Unless it brings me a few hundred more readers, of course).

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