Chopped Liver – It’s All Over Now

Today was a landmark day. In truth, I’ve had many landmark days this year, but I particularly like this one.

You may recall the saga of my T-tube (bile-bag) which simply didn’t want to come out despite multiple attempts. Well, as you know it finally gave up the battle a month ago, although not without a fight – and that fight resulted in me spending a day in casualty followed by 4 days as an inpatient.

All that as a result of complications following an endoscopy. In that endoscopy, the doc inserted a stent to effectively seal the area around my liver that produces the bile. And that stent had to be removed a month later by another endoscopy procedure. Well that event was today.

I was getting so blase about these procedures that I barely told anyone beforehand that I was having it – my mum still doesn’t know that I was due to have or even, as yet, that I have had it. And so it was today that I turned up for the main event.

Nurse came to administer the trusty cannula – I was even getting a bit blase about that too – but that soon dissipated as she struggled to find a vein that would receive the needle. I told her where to stick it – if you get my meaning – and she succumbed and in it went. I was expecting to be so sedated during the procedure that I would feel a thing, but as it turned out I was conscious of me wretching throughout the procedure, which, in truth, lasted only a few minutes.

I really don’t know what they do with this probe they stick down me – how exactly they insert and remove stents etc, but they do do it – and today they did do it.

I came home afterwards, and crashed out on the bed – for a good 4 hours – but now i am in the realisation that, for all intents and purposed, that is it!

My liver transplant is finally complete.

I think that’s worth repeating.

My liver transplant is finally complete.

I have no alien parts sticking in, sticking out – except of course my new liver, which so far I have formed a beautiful relationship with.

So, save for the mountain of drugs that I still have to take, I am effectively done.

Close the book.

Close the blog?

I like the blog. We’ll see.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – It’s All Over Now”

  1. dobstfeld Says:

    What a journey!

  2. phil Says:


    Perhaps you might take this opportunity to reflect\summarise how\when this journey all started, the high points and the low points, the scary points and the light hearted moments and hopes and fears for the future [the benefits and drawbacks of the op].

  3. davidkallin Says:

    What a good idea, Phil. Let me think on it. A brief summary of the whole shebang might well be very usefu at this stage. Thanks for that.l

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