Chopped Liver – Patience

Another day, another trip to the hospital.

Today I was an out-patient.

Except that I was neither out nor very patient.

Y’see, I had to have bloods tested at the anti-coag unit to see if it was thinning yet, after many increases in Warfarin dosage. It wasn’t. I have to return again on Friday – this is becoming a regular twice-weekly event now – these trips to the hospital for a little prick on the finger – and then gone.

But, the saga of my seeping wound continueth. Yesterday I told of my itching and proudly displayed my intimate knowledge of medical science by proclaiming that this must be a sign that my wound is healing.

So what should happen this morning? It starts pouring out blood again. So much for my knowledge. As I was going into the hospital anyway I made a call to the Liver Transplant Coordinators to see if they could check me out. They said they will contact a surgeon to look at it. Ring any bells?

So, after my appointment at anti-coag, I went up to my ward to await the surgeon. The time was 10:50. I waited … and waited… – you know, regular readers will realise by now that I spend a lot of my time lately waiting for doctors – well, they’re busy I guess. Busy saving people like me’s lives… I guess.

But I had a few phone calls to make. Except the network was dreadful, and my battery was running dry with every call I made – so I had to ration my calls. And then I was getting thirsty…. and hungry… and wanting to go pee-pee an’ all that – but I didn’t want to miss the surgeon. And, anyway, by now, the wound had stopped seeping, stopped bleeding, so he’s only going to look at it and say “It’s ok, let it heal”.

hmmm... what to think about when waiting for a surgeon

At 12:30 I was offered lunch by the kind nurses. That was a mistake. OK, it was substance and it went down, but hmmm… it wasn’t great. But hey, a blog about the poor quality of hospital food ain’t gonna sell now is it?

And finally at sometime just after 1 o’clock, the surgeon arrived.

He took one look at my wound and said, “It’s ok, let it heal”.

He also said to give it as much air as possible – walk around the house with it exposed (that’ll freak out my son – and any visitors we have!) and even when, if appropriate, when I’m out – HA! That’ll put off the Bridge peeps tonight.

It’s difficult right planning even a day in advance – each visit to the hospital can take as long as… as long as it takes, actually.

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