Chopped Liver – Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine

Ask Jim Morrison – I don’t know what it means either.

Unless my goldmine is my new liver – and the accompanying scar tissue around the entry point to that pot of gold.

If that is the case, then yes, there are some pretty (?) weird things going on. One day itching, another day pain. One day bleeding, another calm. Is it healing? Or not?

After 4 and a half months, should I still be having such scar problems? I wouldn’t have thought so – but who am I?

Still it’s taking my mind off worrying about my blood thinning project. My Warfarin dosage is steadily increasing – about a miligram per week – I’m up to 5mg a day now – had been down 2 (or even one, I think) and still making no inroads into my INR increase – which was 1.4 on last count. It needs to be at least 2.0. I am also administering Tinzaparin injections to my stomach on a daily basis – grief – you should see the state of my tummy. There was a time I was concerned about my wee boy seeing my naked torso – I am now too scared to even peak at it myself!

Jim's looking well.

On a positive note – and hey, we must always stay positive peeps, I was out and about yesterday meeting a lot of people, some of whom I hadn’t seen since before my transplant – and they all said how well I looked – so that’s something. I am a firm believer that you are as your are perceived to be. And if I am perceived to be looking well – then I am looking well. So there.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine”

  1. Surely it wasn’t four and a half MONTHS ago you got the new liver was it??

  2. Ok, just checked…of course it was. I CANNOT believe it was so long ago (was sure you’d made a typo – weeks for months), but then after you got the transplant, I’ll sheepishly admit to thinking, “Well, phew, David’s all OK now!”.

    I know you will be, but this has been a good reminder to check in a bit more often…

    Have a good weekend. Spending Sunday with Nick Taimitarha, Kevin & Pamela Bourne, Andrew Marsh & Maud Alleyne. I’ll bring them all up to speed and I know they will be sending you their best wishes!


    • davidkallin Says:

      What a lovely message – really appreciate that David. I’m fighting fit. As you may know, I gave up tbo. As you may not know Kesh and I are going into P2S together. So you may not have seen the last of me. I feel almost as excited by this as I did when I started with tbo – hopefully I’ll make a better fist of this – it looks fantastic. You guys in?

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