Chopped Liver – Green Shirt

Hi Guys, sorry it’s been so long – it’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about – all is much the same as before.

But I was having a business meeting today, thankfully with someone I knew very well – although that was only because the client who I have never met, failed to show for an earlier appointment. So anyway we were sitting talking – ’bout business an’ that – when all of a sudden he says to me…

“you seem to be bleeding”!

It’s not a phrase one particularly likes hearing – it’s not one I recall ever hearing – but I heard it today. So I look down at my shirt inside my suit jacket (see? smart boy, too!) and there it is – covered with dark red fresh blood (yes, I know blood usually is dark red – but I called this post Green Shirt, after the Elvis song, no not that Elvis, it wasn’t the colour of the shirt he wore when he was conscripted into the U.S. army, no, not his army shirt at all, plonker, the other Elvis, Costello, from his album… eh, Armed Forces (oh, maybe it was an army shirt after all) – and it was called Green Shirt, but not Red Shirt as would have befitted what I saw as I stared down earlier today – gosh this is getting confusing).

Trouble was I had to go straight to school to pick up wee D and I didn’t have time to go home and sort myself out – what I did was, I got a piece of cloth (that wot i use to clean the car window with) and stuffed halfway down my trousers so that it was sticking up and creating soft absorbent barrier to prevent any blood spoiling my jacket. I closed my jacket – nobody ever closes their suit jacket – well, I dont anyway – but today I did.

So there I was going into the school playground on a very warm day dressed in a dark grey suit, jacket closed and shades. I looked a proper spiv. And guess what? All the mums said – ooh David you look smart today. Needless to say I scarpered with a faint a smile before they got too close.

And when I finally got home – goremongers, this is for you – I undressed (no, not that bit, goremongers), and found that the offending area of my torso that was bleeding was not as I had suspected – my seeping scar – no, it was the area that earlier in the day – as in 6 hours earlier – I had injected myself with Tinzaparin – and it is still bleeding!

And my Warfarin dosage has gone up yet again – to 7 mg – the reason being that my blood is too thick and too likely to clot.

Now you try and figure all that out – I am at a loss. I have to be guided by the experts, but something doesn’t seem quite right – it doesn’t appear that I am clotting easily at all – as my shirt would testify – but I am taking ever-increasing dosages of meds to prevent me clotting.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Green Shirt”

  1. phil Says:

    Hi David,

    Sorry to hear of your woes-hope they clear up quickly. May I ask,with your diseased liver, did you ever experience vitamin deficiencies?

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