Chopped Liver – Give it Away

A day at the hospital. Mostly a wasted day. I had an anti-coag appointment at 11:00 – it took 5 mins.

I had a post liver transplant appointment at 15:30. What to do? Go home and come back? Couldn’t face it.

Anyway the first appointment went ok – my INR level was 2.2 – within the acceptable range so my Warfarin can stay at the same (high) dose of 7mg.

Liver appointment was also fine. They stopped my magnesium (hated taking that), stopped my Ranitidine, Stopped my Ensure and da da da da da!!!!!!! Stopped my Prednisolone. (See yesterday’s post).

Then they put Prednisolone back on again. Boo!

And stopped MMF (stands for Microwskakasffnmsinff Miefjskiigj Feifnsnoi).

And reduced my Tacrilimus to 4mg morning and evening.

Did you get all that? Hey, I’m the one that’s gotta remember all this stuff!

Yesterday I decided to be a good samaritan. But I got no takers.

I left the house at around 16:30 – and returned two hours later. As I approached my front door, I noticed on the doorstep, just lying there – was a £20 note and a £10 note.

They had fallen out of my pocket as I took my iPod when I left the house.

And they were still there!

No wind to blow it away.

No rain to sodden it away.

No hawkers to pick up on it.

Couldn’t even give it away!

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Give it Away”

  1. Kortni Says:

    haha how funny! We have the same blog name (almost)! My sister is giving me part of her liver aug 12, I can’t wait!

    • davidkallin Says:

      Wow, that is some story, isn’t it. I’m sure all will be fine. It’s amazing what medical science can do. If you want a brief summary of my past year or you can read this. Sending you positive vibes – from one Chopped Liver across the pond to another.

  2. Kortni Says:

    Thank you 🙂

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