Chopped Liver – Fuel To Cry

It must be the heat – it’s addling my mind – makes me wanna blog. There was a tweet the other day – it read “Hey Greece, we’ll give you back your weather if you pay us back your debt”.

But I don’t wanna Talk About The Weather (ah, an R.E.M. song – I see they’ve finally split up – 15 years or so too late if they wanted to preserve their cult status if you ask me – actually they’d long lost their cult status – but still had cred status… for a while.)

But I don’t wanna talk about R.E.M.

Y’see what happens when you stop blogging? Things happen in the world of earth-shattering proportions and I don’t give my take on them and when I get round to blogging again, I have to play catch-up. Sorry about that peeps – any other stories you want my take on – you know, just ask).

What I want to talk about is fuel. I had a visit from a friend of mine who lives in Brazil. We were chatting about the differences in lifestyle etc and i asked if fuel prices in Brazil were as bad as they are here. He said the cost of running your car is not an issue in Brazil as the vehicles all run on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) or AutoGas as it is also called and is not affected by rising oil prices from the middle east – in fact it costs about half the price, is cleaner for the environment and everyone uses it! And if your car is not set up for it, it can easily be converted for a few hundred quid.

I thought, wow, if only we had something like that here – in this country we are held to ransom not just by the greedy OPEC countries but also by the greedy oil companies who transfer the oil into fuel for our cars.

But then what do I find? The UK IS INDEED a main producer of LPG! We export it!

You know I find this fact so incredible I feel I should repeat it – but I won’t I’ll just let you read it again.

So, we produce the gas, but have no cars to run with it. It costs half the price of petrol. It is cleaner for the environment – but we prefer to pay for the more expensive and dirtier fuel imported from the middle east.

So what if you wanted to use this gas in the UK? The answer is you can. In fact there are over 1400 filling stations around the country that dispenses it. And you can convert your car to run with it – however it costs over £2000 to convert your car! £400 in Brazil. £2000 in UK.

Even that price, if you keep your car for about 3 years you will start to see a return on your investment – you will save an average of around £750 on an average annual usage.

Yet we choose to import cars that cant run it. Choose to import petrol. And choose to ignore what is on our own doorstep.


There is a recent article all about this subject in The Guardian by a guy called Miles Brignall – you can read it here

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