Chopped Liver – Unemployment (no Jobs)

What is unemployment?

It’s when we have no jobs.

And that is what we have now, right?

Not really talking about the poor state of the nation’s workforce, but given that lack of song titles with the word Jobs in them, this is my homage to the other Jobs we no longer have – Steve Jobs, Apple Visionary.

Just to put everything in perspective – it is true that he has changed the way the world operates. He changed the way we communicate – just look at anyone who owns an iPhone and try and have a conversation with them without them dividing their attention between you and the device.

steve jobs apple sillhouette

Steve Jobs - Thank you for the music

He changed the way we listen to music – the iPod has enabled each of us to have upon us at all times a random selection of our favourite music.

Changed the way we watch videos, play games, read newspapers, download “Apps” for every occasion – he has changed the way we operate.

So, yes, he has changed the way users of his products operate, but he as also changed the way producers of his product operate. It is often highlighted – and equally often overlooked – that in order to produce the vast quantities of his product to the global market, he had to use Chinese child labour sweat factories running round the clock churning out the products. Not the only global company taking this course of action, but a sad indictment of capitalism that the only way to succeed is by oppression and slavery.

He apparently ran his company, Apple, with a bit of an iron fist. Perhaps understandably in order to keep the secrets of his future products and plans… well, secret. I don’t think he took too many prisoners.

So whether you loved him or hated him, you cannot deny the significance of his output. And to consider he changed the world we live in whilst in the knowledge, since 2004, that he was dying of cancer. Perhaps it was his immortality that drove him to be so ruthless in his endeavours. Whatever, still an incredible achievement.

Which brings me to issue of his liver transplant of a couple of years ago. In one last chance to stave off his cancer, he tried for a transplant in California. However there insufficient donors, so, perhaps by using his considerable influence he managed to attain one in Tennessee – and I have to say he has since gone some way in raising the awareness of liver transplants around the world, and equally raising awareness of the plight of many millions of sufferers who are waiting, or dying waiting due to lack of donors.

So, to conclude, I would like to say that I admire Steve Jobs for what he has achieved and in honour of this, I am asking you to give £1 to my British Liver Trust charity fundraising which you will find by clicking here.

Thank You

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