Chopped Liver – Strangers In The Night

That’s me – a stranger in the night – and the day. It’s only because I’ve had nothing of relevance to post (some would say that happened many months ago!)

Anyway, today was my liver appointment day at the ‘ossy. I saw me old mukka, Smiler, and he looked at my bloods and said – “hey, these results are excellent”.

Very pleasing to know I got good results. I worked hard for them. Well, I took a few pills.

So, paves the way for me to follow my wife and boy out to Israel to stay with the in-laws for a week or so. My first flight with the new liver. A bit nervous. – especially as I couldn’t get insurance – well I say I couldn’t get insurance – the actual truth of the matter is, I could get insurance – at a cost of £1200 though!!

So I have decided not to get ill while I am away.

I have bought a bracelet – inscribed with my condition and the drugs I am taking – some of them anyway – I couldn’t fit cocaine, marijuana and magic mushrooms on the allocated space.

So, there you go – a little update from me. I do apologise to the many of you who now have a large hole in their lives which used to be filled with my daily posts – but I’ll pop in and out from to time – so watch out.

Now…. passport…where the …

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6 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Strangers In The Night”

  1. Mark W Says:

    Glad all is good! All the best with your first flight.
    Have a great time away, I will be staying in England and eating turkey getting poor buying too much food and presents for all.
    My gift (Of life) is allowing me a great Christmas with my family, enjoy spending time with yours 🙂

  2. hepababe Says:

    So pleased for you.Have a fantastic time with your family in Israel.The New Year celebrations are always extra special with the gift of life.A New Year you would never have seen but still tinged with sadness thinking of a family where that special person is missing.Best wishes Elspeth.

  3. Denise Says:

    So pleased for you that everything is going so well – that is an encouragement. I’m still waiting but am keeping quite well. Maybe 2012 will be “the year”!

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