Chopped Liver – Paperback Writer

I am buzzing.

Two bits of good news this week.

I had my liver checkup at the Royal Free. Everything looks pretty much ok except for a bit of Vitamin D deficiency – which I have probably cured by basking in the barmy sunny February weather (don’t tell the doc – I’m not supposed to bask in the sun, but hey, it is still February).

And he said to come in … 4 months!!

Now that is good – either that or he cant be bear my sense of humour for another 4 months.

The next bit is – WE ARE AN AUTHOR – as Maggie would have said.

My Book Cover for Amazon Kindle's Liver Transplant Diary

That's Liver Transplant Diary to them... Chopped Liver to you!

Y’see I have taken the best bits out of all these blogs and put them together to make a book (cries from the back – that’ll be 3 paragraphs then), and I have got myself a luuverly front cover, and I have published it on Amazon Kindle – just like that!

And I feel good about that. Not necessarily that I think anyone will buy it (£3.24 after all), but just that after all the effort and all the relevant content, it is out there for someone – someone may be in a similar situation and may find it and get some comfort from it – who knows.

Oh, and guess what… I have not called it Chopped Liver. Strange maybe, but I did it for SEO reasons – more people would be searching for liver transplant than chopped liver, that’s if they were looking for something about liver transplants rather then something you eat on a cracker. So I called it Liver Transplant Diary – and look – you can see it here.

Anyway, I am glad it’s out there.

One thing, though, please… if you meet anyone desperate to buy it – don’t tell them the ending!

(Oh no, look it’s got that same old photo again with the cream jacket… so last season)


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5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Paperback Writer”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Great news about the book – now I just need £150 for a Kindle so I can read it!
    Are you allowed to supplement Vit D3? (not vit D2)
    On the liver disease and cancer forums, the common belief is that the RDA for Vit D3 is way too low, and the ‘normal’ range set by labs is too low.
    Its recommended to aim for a level of 40-60ng/mL or 100-150nmol/L, depending on how your lab test was measured. Do you know your current level of D3?
    The RDA of 400iu is pretty low. I was found to have a level of 53nmol/L on testing and put myself on a supplement of 1,500iu per day. In 7 months my level only went up to 81nmol/L which is still well below 100-150. So now I’m on 2,500iu per day.
    It does make a difference to achey joints, achey muscles and energy levels.Just be aware that increased Vit D levels will increase your body’s uptake of calcium and magnesium.
    Its easy to understand that most of the population in the Northern hemisphere will be deficient. Even on sunny days we’re pretty much covered up by our clothes and exposed skin gets covered in sun cream. Australians are finding they are deficient too, as despite the sun they slip,slap,slop on clothes, hats and suncream which blocks it out.

    • davidkallin Says:

      Wow Fiona – so many numbers. I don’t k ow my bit d level – didn’t ask –
      But I think I am low-ish on calciu
      And magnesium too so not a problem upping my dose of but (if I had a dose)

      On the kindle front btw – you don’t even need to buy a kindle – you can simply down the app onto you mac or Pc or laptop and read from there. Not suggesting you do that of course but I never knew that until I, eh, knew.

      Thanks for your thoughts.


      • Fiona Says:

        Has your consultant recommended you increase your Vit D3, having taken a blood test and got the results? Or was it just mentioned in passing without a suggestion re. what to do?

        I doubt very much you will increase levels either by being out in the sun, or by increasing other things like calcium. Its really hard to increase Vit D3 levels without supplementing around 2,000iu per day. The typical dose in a multivitamin is around 600iu so people are wasting their money using multi-vits. Those who want to increase levels tend to buy Vit D3 as Cholecalciferol from places like Holland and Barrett or via Amazon online.
        It does help, and is worth doing.

  2. Denise Says:

    I spent yesterday night downloading the free app for my phone and then I got the free sample sent from Amazon.I too didn’t know about that so now with magnifying glass in one hand, font on largest available setting and phone held in “landscape” position – its the way forward!

    But seriously I think it is a brilliant idea and I pray that someone who needs some support will come across it and feel reassured.

    Brilliant news about your progress

    All the best
    Denise x

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