Chopped Liver – My Perfect Cousin

A few reasons for writing this blog. 1) I haven’t written for a while – on account of my stunning good health. Every day someone says to me I look better and better each day – funny that, they never told me I looked crap before!

Another reason is I just couldn’t let this day go by without making use of that song title – and who is the perfect cousin in question you may ask?

eric abidal

Eric Abidal - the body beautiful. Now scarred - with the marks of life, history and heroism

You may.

The answer is -well, I don’t know his name but – I do know he is Eric Abidal’s cousin. Eric Abidal, you may recall is the French international player, in Barcelona, who was told he had to undergo a liver transplant – and I happened to wonder just how long someone of that standing would have to wait for a donation. I should perhaps have not been so cynical (if indeed I was) as the news comes through today that he underwent the transplant just last night with a liver (or part thereof) donated by his cousin.

Now, I ask you to consider this if you will. The liver transplant is a major operation. Imagine offering to go through that – with all the risks involved, both during and post operation just to help out someone else – family member or not. I think it’s heroic.

So, I call on you today to say a little prayer – however you believe, however you pray – for Eric Abidal’s cousin and for Eric Abidal himself – and to send a message out to the world that humanity still offers up feats of greatness.

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