Chopped Liver – Five Years

Five Years.

You know, for the past few anniversaries I have thought about what song title to give my anniversary post. But I didn’t know a song called three years, or even four years. I do know one for seven years but, I always had in mind the one for five years.

It was easy. Bowie’s Five Years from Ziggy Stardust.


But now I just appear as another bandwagon-jumper posting about Bowie as if I knew him. What I will say, though, is how impressed I was, not only with his life, and how he created this larger-than-life mystique – but also his death. For someone so much in the public eye to engineer his mortality in the way he did was simply staggering. He fooled everyone – including all those who subsequently claimed to “know” him.

His final video – I thought, a bit reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s Hurt. Maybe that was his inspiration. Johnny Cash effectively told the world in that video – hey, this is the last you’ll see of me – but I’m going to be innovative to the end.

Anyway, enough of immortals, what about me? Well, there is news.

Firstly, my liver is behaving very nicely indeed. Results are normal, as they have been since the beginning. But the news is that those clever scientists have done a study, somewhere in Europe I think, anyway, they are continuing the trial over here – and it is to determine whether certain transplantees really do need to take their anti-rejection medication or not.

They have determined that a certain type of person, physical type, not mental or emotional, of course, can be weaned off the immunosuppressant drugs – they just have to determine who can and who can’t. So, I am going to be taking part in the trial, soon. It involves having a liver biopsy which will provide the doctors with the necessary indicators. They will then put me on a program of weaning off the meds, or not – depending on the results of the biopsy.

Needless to say, it would be fantastic to come off the immunosuppressants. They have long term side-effects – kidney failure, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and a host of nasty effects that usually reduce mortality in transplant patients. So, to come off the drugs would certainly be something to strive for.

The trial should start pretty soon – and this could change the outlook for transplant patients in the future in a massive way.

As they say, let’s rock n’ roll.

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7 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Five Years”

  1. Andrea Rappoport Says:

    Hi David,
    That is really good news.
    It’s been a long journey with happily a successful outcome.
    It would be brilliant if you didn’t have to take the immune suppressants. Hopefully this will be a successful trial.
    Good luck.
    What are you doing workwise these days?
    How is the family?
    All the best
    Yours sincerely
    Andrea Rappoport BA (Hons), Dip PFS
    Phone: 0208 371 4411 Option 5
    Fax: 0208 371 4422

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    • davidkallin Says:

      Thanks Andrea – we’re all good. Yes, the trial is very interesting indeed. I’m doing my usual ducking and diving. I’ve currently teamed up with my wife to create videos for estate agents – they upload their photos to my website ( and I create a video from the photos with music and my wife adding her beautiful voiceover. Hope you’re doing well. David

  2. Graham Pyle Says:

    Hello David. Good to hear that you’re doing fine. It seems a long time ago since we were regularly tripping to Solihull.

    I’m pleased things are going well with you and your internals. Good luck with the trial.

    We’ve lost a few ‘personalities’ recently. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glen Frey, Terry Wogan, and last Wednesday – Lord Lucan!

    All the best.


  3. Abraham Ost Says:

    Great to hear from you again. Happy to hear you are well and good luck with the trial.



    • davidkallin Says:

      Yeah thanks Abraham – hope you’re doing good. Would love to go back to Mattancherry with you – but sadly seems it is no more. As Graham says, David Bowie, Lord Lucan – and Mattancherry. What a world.

  4. Vickie Says:

    Hi David, I wrote a comment quite a few years back now. I thought I would check in on how you are doing as I had just read a young girls story about possibly getting a liver transplant. There sure are a lot of people using the name Chopped Liver but I still found you easily enough. Glad your doing so well and hope the trial above works out. I still haven’t started a blog but I sometimes update friends on face book. I went back to NZ, boy was that a mistake like going to medical hell. I never knew before I left NZ that my specialist didn’t believe I am in pain all the time and my treatment has been appalling these past 4 years.Last year I had to leave the hospital twice in the worst pain I have ever felt, so I could get antibiotics, it took two weeks to get that pain down to managble levels. It seems you can have cholangitis whether you have a temperature or not , high lft’s or not and that is what Kings diagnosed but my doctor won’t believe and says is ‘nerve’ pain. I am currently putting in a complaint with the NZ Health and Disability Commission. They also forgot the results of a PTC test here and misread an MIR showing a narrowed internal hepatic duct with swollen ducts above it. I won’t write everything that has happened in this paragraph but it has been appalling, the underlying cause I believe is budget cuts, we’re 16 years ahead of the NHS on that and it has had dire results for many people. I wish I had never left the UK. At present my G.P is going against the hospital and giving me antibiotics otherwise I would be in terrible pain all the time instead of sometimes severe pain. I’m trying to change my specialist and ask for a second opinion but it is harder to do here with a small population. I should be eligible for a transplant if I can get a more educated doctor. I had sepsis twice in the UK and did not realize it until I read through the discharge notices in writing my submission. I can’t have been that sick on those occasions but that shows how serious the situation is. I have asked him to write to Kings a number of times.I know now why I am so ill these last 20 years, it was due to a drain being removed which spilt bile acid through my abdomen when I was 29 and they never washed it out , so it has damaged all three hepatic ducts, the first two were operated on 10 years later when I wrote to the Auckland Transplant Center about being in pain all the time but the third one is inoperable and they never bothered to tell me ten years ago, so I went to the Uk thinking it couldn’t be the reason for my pain and not knowing the connection to the bile acid spill. My brother is indexing my complaint then once it is sent off I hope I start to get good care. My very best wishes to your continued good health David.

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