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Chopped Liver – Wave Of Mutilation

April 28, 2011

Fine day today.

(apart from the fact that my boy beat me at Junior Monopoly – some people do not understand that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you).

Had to go back to hosp for a blood test for the anti-coagulation peeps – just got the results back and the good news is my INR level is back down to a respectable 2.0 – it’s official, I am once again able to cut myself.

No problem for me now!

This may warrant a celebratory wave of mutilation (never quite knew what that song was about – until now!).

I met up with a friend at Belsize and we had cwaffy and then walked slowly – but ever so slightly less painfully than before – up the mighty hill to Hampstead and around the narrow streets of affluence until we arrived at Burgh House for afternoon tea in their beautiful sunny gardens. A bit of a shame their scones (pronounced “scones”, of course) were a bit on the hard side, but it was a welcome rest after the exertions of the climb – it’s not all casual laziness as it might sound, you know – I do have to work for it.

So it’s back on the Warfarin again now at a steady 2mg for a few days when I’ll have to stop it again in preparation for the next Bridging Plan prior to the next attempt at the ERCP to remove my cherished attachment – scheduled for 11th May – not holding my breath on that one.

Can’t wait for the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey between William and Kate – actually I couldn’t give a flying one for this event – but if I include this sentence in my blog I can tag the keywords and boost my readership to around an extra 5 million tomorrow alone.