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Chopped Liver – Top Of The Pops II

January 13, 2011

Well, I’ve had my appointment today. Things are more clearcut now.

Certain decisions that had to be made – HAVE BEEN MADE. Rightly or wrongly we can close this chapter and move on.

I have to confess I found it a bit surprising, but there you go, but there you go, I made my case – and I rest my case.

Smiler has finally upgraded his phone.

To a Motorola.

Regular readers of this tome may recall that the decision appeared to be between the iPhone and the Blackberry. Based on my knowledge of the user, I recommended the Blackberry – good for emails, good keyboard and generally all round good performer – if lacking the sexiness of the iPhone.

Alternatively he could’ve gone for the Android htc Desire. Reports I’ve heard rate it even higher than the iPhone although it is initially complex to set up.

But a Motorola? Eh, Hello Moto? Are you listening? Earth here. And this is the guy who’s hands I am putting my vital organs in. Is he of sound mind? To be honest, I know nothing of the Motorola so I can’t make the judgement call. He is happy with it – and if he is happy, then I am happy.

On another issue, I had a long chat with Kate, the liver transplant co-ordinator. She is very good, y’know. I bet she doesn’t own a Motorola.

The bottom line is – I am Top of the List. However there have not been any any suitable livers available – I suppose that is a good thing for the owners of potential livers – it kinda means they still need theirs – so let’s drink to that. (Fruit Juice for me, please)

But as my condition is so complex – for that read, I am so fucked up, that they will only transplant a perfect liver into me. Whereas they make take a chance with a fatty liver for someone with a single known condition – with me and my spleen, intestine, portal vein thrombosis, oesophagus, gallbladder, blood etc, they have to wait for a perfect liver.

Now then Guys n Gals - guess who's Top of the List?

Which is ok.

Unless the thrombosis worsens and blocks the portal vein altogether – that wouldn’t be too good – so they need to keep monitoring that.

As you know, I have stayed within two hours of the hospital pretty much every day since last March – apart from attending my father’s funeral – but I have sometimes wondered if I was being a little bit over-excessive in that regard – but today’s chat with Kate proved to me that this was not the case, and should not be the case – it is of paramount importance that I continue to stay close to the hospital – I simply cannot afford to miss the next available perfect match – the one after that could just be many more months later.

And do I feel any different after the appointment, and subsequent chat?

‘Course I do.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps

Chopped Liver – Boredom

December 28, 2010

I thought when B and Weedy went off to sunnier climes for a whopping 11 days that I was going to struggle a bit to keep active – but not a bit of it.

I have been busier, more sociable than I could have imagined – and I have felt good too.

And still it isn’t stopping. Friend coming over for the day shortly, Bridge tonight, work meeting tomorrow followed by a birthday bash, Canny Ken on thursday eve – may even try and blag a Friday night dinner on… Friday night.

And Ashes to watch till 1 a.m. every night/morning.

I need a holiday.

Look, just in case you missed – here is that brilliant One Ronnie sketch that’s doing the rounds – enjoy.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

Chopped Liver – Let Your Blood Flow

July 1, 2010

For those new to this blog, here is a glossary:-

B – wife
Weedy – son
Smiler – Liver doc

I had an appointment with Smiler today. He is confused. He just cant decide what to do. I think it’s been troubling him since our previous visit. And he still seeks the answer.

Whether to get an iPhone or stick with Blackberry.

It’s a toughie I know. But then you know my feeling on this. If you get a Blackberry first, you’ll love it – it’s a great tool. Great for phoning, for texting, for emails.

But if you then get an iPhone – ah, there your world will change. Crap phone, Crap texter, Crap battery, not bad for emails. But Brilliant for Apps (Yippee!!). And Music! And cool factor – even after all this time – it is still the coolest thing on the planet.
So Smiler, are you cool enough?

On a less serious front, there are strange goings on with my liver – well, the portal vein that feeds my liver. Y’see, back in March it was totally blocked. Now, following an Ultrasound scan, it is found to be letting blood flow.

How so? Who know?

So, I am having an MRI on Monday and Smiler cant wait to see the result.

Unfortnately this new finding will not imply a decrease in the need for a transplant – it just means that I may be in better health for it. Bah!

So, Monday MRI. Tuesday, Platelet transfusion prior to teeth extraction. Both the MRI and the transfusion require canulas. Have I ever mentioned my deep fondness for canulas? But Smiler said I should ask the MRI peeps to leave it in so I can go home with it and go to t’other hosp the next day for the transfusion. That, for me, is a result!

One final footnote – I got a call from the hospital thats doing the transfusion following a blood test I had to have a week before the real deal. They phoned to ask me if I was taking Warfarin (corroct spilling?). Y’see Warfarin is a blood thinning agent – and they couldn’t believe that my platelet count was so low – without taking it! Ha! Well I thought it was funny – guess you had to be there.

Now – finally finally – announcing the 10k walk for the Royal Free Liver Unit – click HERE for details

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